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Card of the Day

Flame Wrath


Card Number - 321/361

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.50
Constructed: 3.17
Casual: 3.00
Raid: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.16.0



Flame Wrath

A powerful weapon, but one for the side deck I think. It decimates weenies but is useless against an armoured solo character. Its strike cost is a hefty three, to deal three to whatever you’re attacking (2 plus the 1 fire damage) and 1 to everything else. With Berserker Stance this thing would be brutal. But I’d rather just use Skullflame with an Annihilator or Wraith Scythe.


Constructed 3/5

Casual 4/5

Limited 4/5

Raid 2/5

aka Warchief Thrall
Flame Wrath
Two-Handed Weapon — Polearm Melee (1)
Hunter, Paladin, Warrior
Cost: Play 4, Play 3, ATK 2
When your hero deals combat damage with Flame Wrath, your hero deals 1 fire damage to each opposing hero and ally.

Well,Well,Well another Melee weapon which has some potential.
The costs may be a bit high for the standard damage, but to deal 1 (Fire) Damage to each opposing Ally and Hero, maybe makes it worth playing after all.
Try it if you want to, but I suggest not more than once or twice, throw in 2 Annihilators with it.
Constructed 3/5: I put in on the same level as The Shatterer, so try which one you like best.
Artwork 2/5: Looks OK, but it had more potential than this in it.
See you on the Battlefield
Warchief Thrall

Flame Wrath

Cost 4

Classes: Hunter, Paladin, Warrior

Two Handed Weapon – Polearm       Melee (1)

When your hero deals Combat damage with Flame Wrath, your Hero Deals 1 Fire Damage to each opposing hero and ally.

2 Melee damage, and 3 to swing.


This is the first weapon that I can honestly say is a victim of its class restriction. But lets put that aside and take a look at her for what she is and what she can do before we make snap judgments.


Starting from the top cost 4 is average for a weapon that does an interesting effect, so that’s ok. Like I said class is a restriction but let’s move past that. Two Handed… 2 of its 3 classes are shield bearing heroes who are big on defense so this hurts it a bit. Its game text is a hidden jewel for a variety of reasons. First of these reasons is this is a whelp wacker, it is also a weenie nuke and a good way to spread the damage all around the board. Every time you strike with it and do damage you get to hurt all your opponent’s allies. In the formats that are being run right now the ability to wipe the board of all small obtrusive allies is a welcome sight. Now its Damage only reads 2 but it actually does 3 because of the fire damage and 3 is high to swing a weapon but you’re actually doing an AOE attack to your opponent.


It’s a strange frost nova for the melee classes, but like I said before it’s a victim of its class restrictions. Had it been usable by Shaman Paladin and Rouge I think it would see a lot more play.


Sealed (4): This would be a stunning pull in sealed. It clears the board and in sealed it will usually hang around to hamper your opponent’s ability to keep allies in the field.

Constructed (2): I’m not sold on this weapon as an option for any of the three classes that can use it. Weapons are expensive and the effect it offers is great but to swing with it the turn it drops is going to cost you 7 and by turn 7 weenie allies are not your biggest concern

Casual (3): It’s always fun to mow down your opponent’s tokens or small allies, that will teach them for using such weak things to attack you.

Raid (4): This is a solid raid card. As far as investing in it only to lose it later that’s ok, when Onyxia drops 10 whelps into play and you are on turn 7 with this in your hand your friendly heroes will love you for stacking it in your deck.

Sovelin Flame Wrath

The weapon no doubt sounds very useful, but the cost of it is what kills it. 4 to drop, then 3 to swing for only 2 + 1 damage to your target.
This card is way to slow for hunter's to use. Horde warrior is more of an OTK build, so this weapon wouldn't be too useful. It would be okay for Warrax, because it can kill a lot of weenies and lay the hurt on protectors, but Deathbringer does a much better job. I really don't see it being too useful for Paladin's either. In a raid this card is worthless. It might be fun to try in casual, but skullflame shield plus annihilator is a much better combo.

Constructed: 1/5
Casual: 2/5
Sealed: 2.5/5 (Awesome pull in sealed format where there isn't much choice of weapons.) Raid 2/5 (Does help with the whelps, but a warlock with infernal or rain of fire would be better. And there is still skullflame shield.)
Ca$hflow Flame Wrath 3/16: Rare, Weapon; "When your hero deals combat damage with Flame Wrath, your hero deals 1 fire damage to each opposing hero and ally." This is by far my weapon of the week. Same cost to bring out and to play as the others, yet you get something extra with this. Combat damage plus fire damage. Get some of those +ATK increase cards and youll be sure to run through your opponent. Not only is the card itself good, but the artwork is frickin sweet. Definitely play this card. You'll regret leaving it in your binder.


      Now for TGIFs card which is a very good card...Flame Wrath
pay 4 to put into play, 3 to attack, and deal 2 damage....this card is so lame until you read the text which reads When your hero deals combat damage with Flame Wrath, your hero deals 1 fire damage to each opposing hero and ally. if you attack the hero he takes 2 +the 1 fire damage, then hits all the other allys for 1 which can destroy a few playable allys from the start such as Voss Treebender and Apprentice Teep...this is one of the more playable weapons, just add in some armor that increases attack this card is Amazing.
Constructed: 4.8/5
Sealed: 3.7/5 Stops the weenies
Art: 4.5/5 it is the King Triton(the little mermaid's dad) weapon on steroids.
WoW CotD from your friendly neighborhood *Spydaman* a.k.a I'm Wassup



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