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Card of the Day

Rockbiter Weapon


Card Number - #115

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.50
Constructed: 3.33
Casual: 3.67
Raid: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.13.0



Rockbiter Weapon

+2 attack? A much-vaunted breastplate comes to mind. This is almost as good. The main flaw is that it attaches to the weapon so that when the weapon dies, this goes with it. What makes it better than the Deathdealer Breastplate is for one, the cost, and secondly the ability to attach multiple Rockbiters…that’s right: that Annihilator now has 7 attack bwahaha.


Constructed 4/5 Go solo Shaman!

Casual 4/5

Limited 5/5 Weapons are crazy here

Raid 2/5 Weapons don’t last that long

aka Warchief Thrall
Rockbiter Weapon
Instant Ability — Enhancement
Cost: 2
Attach to one of your Melee weapons. <p> Ongoing: Attached weapon has +2 ATK. <p> Your hero has protector.

Well, hello again to today’s COTD, and this time we have a card that may see a bit of play.
Because of it being a instant ability, it gives you the possibility to drop it in play on your opponents turn, which makes your Hero a protector.
Additionally it adds 2 ATK to one of your Melee Weapons, which can be quite nice, making your Annihilator suddenly a +4 ATK Melee Weapon
There are a lot of good ability’s out there for Shaman (Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Frost Shock) but you can always add 1 or two of this Rocking card to you’re deck.

Constructed 3/5: If you don’t have 3 or four copy’s of the other ability’s mentioned above, give this one a try
Artwork 1/5: Well personally I don’t really like this Artwork, but that’s just me.
See you on the Battlefield
Warchief Thrall

Rockbiter Weapon

Cost 2

Instant Ability – Enhancement

Attach to one of your Melee weapons.

Ongoing: Attached weapon has +2 ATK.

Your hero has protector.


Ok I’m going to say this and you can like it or not but I love this card. I mentioned in Yesterdays review that I liked getting more out of a card than just one thing and this card offers plenty.


Let’s examine its many wonderful qualities. First off its cheap really it is 2 for 2 damage and that’s ok that’s not a bad trade at all. Second good thing is it stays on table so you can use it again later meaning this card has a hidden DOT (damage over time) effect. Then the kicker is it makes your hero a blocker… I don’t know if this is rooted in the online game? I have never seen Shaman played before but does this power or something like it improve a shamans defensive capabilities some how? So you are getting Damage and protector off a card.


So all these things are great but how do I maximize this cards potential…   Wind Totem and a dagger. There you go its going cost you 2 for the dagger which will do only 1 damage a turn but that’s ok so long as it swings for 0. Then you use the Wind totem to ready your hero and a weapon to make another swing. So it looks like a big combo but don’t worry everything can for the most part act on its own, you don’t need to have all 3 cards out it is just really cool if you do have them out. So you have a dagger that hits for 1 twice a turn…   that’s only 2 damage, not great especially on turn 4 but wait. You can play multiple versions of this card on your Shaman…   so lets say on turn 4 you only get to do 3 damage if you play another on your turn 5 your going be smacking your opponent for 10 damage at a low low cost of only 3 resource…  This leaves resources open to do other wonderful things like frost shock to dangerous allies. The next turn you’re going do 10 more damage for 3 more resources and on turn 7 your game is over unless your opponent has done some major healing. Aggressiveness is rewarded in this game and this can be a very aggressive card.


The thing that scares me the most is the Alliance Shaman coming in the next set has Enhancement specialty and I don’t even want to know how that might affect this card.


Sealer (4): Weapons are plentiful and making them hit for more and giving your hero protector is very desirable.

Constructed (4): This card offers offense and the potential for defense, it is DOT and an asset in a shaman weapon deck.

Casual (4): This can be a very fun card to play with you can make a large weapon even larger or you can make a fun healing armor/weapon Shaman and just run around with him.

Raid (2): If you are playing Shaman you probably don’t want to block the dragon and ongoing abilities have a very short lifespan against the Dragon so I’m marking this card low.

Rockbiter Weapon:
This card isn't bad; nor is it great.  If you're looking for a card that makes your hero a protector then Draconian Deflector is a much better choice since Shamans typically play for the later turns.  This card should also not really be used for its +2 attack either unless you're really focused around a Shaman deck based heavily on weapons.  It is also destroyed when your weapon is destroyed since it is equipped to a weapon instead of to your hero.  I really don't like this card that much at this point in the game, but it may have some big possibilities in the future.
Constructed: 3 (use it only if you're relying heavily on weapons)
Sealed: 3 (It's pretty awesome if you can draft a weapon or two)
Raid: 2 (it's just not good here)
Ca$hflow Rockbiter Weapon 3/13: Rare; Shaman ability; "Attach to one of your Melee weapons. Ongoing: Attached weapon has +2 ATK. Your hero has protector." Shaman decks get lucky with card. there arent alot of Shamen cards with weapon enhancements like this in the Azeroth set. If youre playing a Shaman deck and youre planning on some cheap ways to hit harder, then this is definitely your card.


What's goin' On?
Todays card is Rockbiter Weapon...a pretty sweet card.. Pay 2 and it gives a plus two attack to a weapon, your hero has protector, and this is instant... this will make those weapons with good effects...like Hypnotic Blade or Cruel Hand of Timmy much better to attack with...and you could attact it to Wairth Scythe which is pretty Good and then you will be healing 4 instead of the basic 2 from the scythe...and as a added bonus your hero now has protector which can benfit you alot after giving +2 to a weapon, then protect and destroy what ever is attacking you. also you can surprise your opponent with a protecting hero that now has a +2 attack.
Constructed :3.8/5 ...4/5 if you play heavy equips
Sealed: 3/5 makes the few weapons you get better
Art 2.5/5 nothing special...
WoW CotD from your friendly neighborhood *Spydaman* a.k.a I'm Wassup



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