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Card of the Day

Mocking Blow


Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.25
Constructed: 2.83
Casual: 2.50
Raid: 2.83

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 03.12.0



Mocking Blow

A 1-cost instant that does 1 damage? That’s not bad. That means it’s good against rush. But it also forces a hero or ally damaged in this way to attack you. Great for exhausting protectors and forcing an unsuspecting hero to run themselves into your weapon. So it’s got a couple of uses.


Constructed 3/5 Good but not great

Casual 3/5

Limited 3.5/5

Raid 3/5 One of the ways for the warrior to tank, although there are better ways

aka Warchief Thrall
Mocking Blow
Instant Ability — Arms
Cost: 1
Your hero deals 1 melee damage to target hero or ally. This turn, that character must attack if able and can attack only your hero.

Hello again, today we will be looking at an Instant which will not be seen in many decks, even it has a low cost.
I believe this because 1 damage isn’t that big of deal, but it makes your opponents target vulnerable, because it has to attack your Hero if able to attack, which probably results in some damage for both.

So, to be quick about, leave this card in your pile, or trade/sell it, there are better options available especially for a rare card.
Constructed 1/5: Don’t even think about using this card.
Artwork 2/5: The artwork is a bit standard, but hey, so is the card.
See you on the Battlefield
Warchief Thrall

Mocking Blow

Cost 1                         Warriors

Instant Ability – Arms

Your hero deals 1 melee damage to target hero or ally. This turn that character must attack if able and can attack only your hero.


This is an interesting card. Now as far as warrior decks go I have only played a couple and they have been mainly defensive driven. This card is a more offensive card but it can play on both sides of the fence.


On the offensive side this card can  be used to force a normally defensive ally to attack you when its owner needed him on defense, Crazy Igvand comes to mind, you make him attack you take no damage and your opponent effectively lost his blocker. This card can also be used in conjunction with berserker stance and can do 2 damage but this is risky and not the strongest of combos.


On the defensive side it works as an instant ability that deals 1 damage, while it offers not much more than that, some times 1 damage can be what finishes off a Fury you don’t want to deal with next turn or it drops a Bloodclaw for you. . I generally don’t like trading cards with my opponent I like some sort of advantage. IF this card offered a card draw or another incentive it might be a top tier card. Coupled with defensive stance and a couple shouts this card could force your opponents to make meaningless attacks, but then your looking at turn 3 drops that could be allies like Parvink, and if your using your early turns to set up a defensive stand, chances are you’re the only thing to hit on the board in which case making your opponent attack you is kind of redundant. 


Sealed (2): In sealed there are many other commons and uncommons I would rather see than this coming out of my pack.

Constructed (2): Too specific in its nature your better off using other warrior damage cards that either stay on table or inflict more damage.

Casual (2): It might see more play in casual games where you want to force opponents to hit you but all around its not going do you much good.

Raid (4): This is the place you’re most likely to see this card. Combined with Armor and a defensively minded warrior looking to take hits from the Dragon this card is a good play early game to keep the dragon away from smaller Heroes in your party. It is not so much there for the damage as its there to keep your boys/girls alive.

Mocking Blow:
This card is an amazing ability for the Warrior class.  At first it may seem like an instant that deals 1 damage to an ally, but it is much more than that.  It can be used on elusive allies to force them to attack into one of your hero's weapons.  It can be used to make an opposing ally attack your hero and have a protector protect to destroy the ally.  And possibly the most useful... have an ally attack into your hero only to have the damage prevented with a sweet shield. 
One card that combos really well with this card is Skullflame Shield.  Force an opposing ally to attack into your hero and deal 2 damage to that ally and 1 damage to each other ally and hero.  I'm sure you can think of many other combos with this card as well.
Sealed:  3.5 (any damage is awesome here, and instants are great)
Constructed: 3.5 (just make sure you have some tricks to go along with it)
Raid: 2.5 (this card is less usable in raid.  The best thing you could do is force Onyxia to attack your hero instead of another of your fellow heroes)
Ca$hflow Mocking Blow 3/12: Rare; warrior Ability; "Your hero deals 1 melee damage to target hero or ally. This turn, that character must attack if able and can attack only your hero."

Tough I'm not a huge fan of Warrior decks, this card serves an amazing purpose. If you load up your hero with armor, Mocking Blow can basically be used as "protector". Watching an opponent's face turn red after you use this card will show you just how good it is. Just watch as your opponent feels they are about to destroy one of your allys and you pull this out and give the game a bit of a turn.


        This is my first card of the Day....and it is not the greatest card of the day, but it's not the worst either...
Mocking Blow
Pay 1 and deal 1 melee damage to hero or ally...this alone is not good but heres the kicker and the reason it was named Mocking Blow, who ever you delt the damage to that ally or hero must attack your hero (Warrax or Gorebelly) if it can.
     Not bad, not great ...best part you only pay 1 to do this, this could be very helpful if you already used warrax's ability and need to keep a Medoc or a Melgwy alive so you could use their effects next turn.
      Great for early game because its cheap and will also keep fresh ally cards alive, also good for late game to keep the game winning allys on the field, this card is a good combo with execute, because after using mocking blow use execute to destroy the ally all for just 2 payment.  forget vanquish!
Constructed: 3.5/5
Sealed: 3.7/5
Art: 4.5/5 Warrax pimp slappin' a tauren with his shield...That's Wassup!
WoW CotD from your friendly neighborhood *Spydaman* a.k.a I'm Wassup



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