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Card of the Day
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Master Mathias Shaw


Card Number - TDP-181

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.50
Constructed: 3.75
Casual: 4.25
Raid: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 06.21.0


aka Warchief Thrall

Master Mathias Shaw



Play Cost: 7

Attack: 6

Health: 4

Stealth (Can't protect against this character.)
When an ally in your party deals combat damage to a defending hero, draw a card.


Well, this card is simply one of my favorite Alliance Allies, it attack is nice for the cost and his health makes it to stick around for a few turns.


But the best part is it effect, stealth saves you from the protectors and drawing cards is always a good thing.


Sealed: 5/5
Constructed: 4/5
Casual: 5/5
Raid: 4/5


See you on the Battlefield

Red Comet Master Mathias Shaw

Can't be targeted ? Check

Cool draw a card effect ? Check

Facial Hair ? Check

A very nice card that provides you with a lot of draw power in most aggressive deck types. The alliance is a bit more suited to stall but it can be done.

Sealed: 4/5




(Silly whelps you don't have protector!)
Master Mathias Shaw (Alliance)

Ally- Human Rogue, Unique

7 cost, 6 ATK (Melee), 4 Health


When an ally in your party deals combat damage to a defending hero, draw a card.

Mr. Shaw here is my favorite card out of this weeks Unique theme. Mainly cuz I met him so many times in WoW doing Dead Mines runs with all my different toons... ANYWAY

Lets start with the same downside that most Unique characters share. His 7 cost. ouch. But, you get a 6/4 stealth, so he is pretty solid, and he has Stealth. So if you attack with him, you get a pretty much guaranteed card. And if any of your other allies hit a hero, you get more cards. Card advantage = good. Sorry this is short, my laptop batter is dying fast...

Sealed: 4/5

Constucted: 3/5

Casual: 4/5

Raid: 4/5 (Both Ony and MC)

Master Mathius Shaw

Cost 7

Alliance – Ally – Rouge - Human

Stealth (Can't protect against this character.)
When an ally in your party deals combat damage to a defending hero, draw a card.



Ok number 4 on the list for this week is alliance rouge who offers a lot to all his little friends.


Any time one ally gives stuff to other allies its just freaking awesome, the ally who gives all your allies protector is a bomb card and this guy sits right in there with bomb cards that can flip a game upside down.


In a lot of rush decks the thing that slows them down is late game stumbling because of lack of card drawing… This guy kind of fixes that right up in a jiffy. First off you can’t protect against him so whatever he attacks will most likely die, second is any time one of your allies hits home you draw a card…   Yah so if you have just 2 guys on the board when this guys lands your probably going to be drawing an extra 2 cards, more depending on how many allies you have in play. I would like to say this guy wins you games but he is more of insurance that a game in your control stays in your control.


Sealed (5) you would be a fool not to play this guy unless you drafted an even sicker horde set of cards.

Constructed (4) A Great late game drop and a good search for card with rescue the diplomats

Casual(4) Radian in this guy are hilarious

Raid       (ONY)(4) He will have a bull’s eye on his back but even if you just get a couple cards out of him he was well worth it.

                (RAG)(5) Go for the throat and finish bosses off with this guy and his support crew.


By: Paschendale




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