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Through the Dark Portal


Card Number - BC Promo - 3/3

Card Rating:

Sealed: currently only a promo
Constructed: 2.25
Casual: 4.25
Raid: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.09.0



Through the Dark Portal

A hideously over-costed card with a novelty effect. And in constructed play, your entire collection = your side deck.


Constructed 1/5

Casual 5/5

Raid 1/5

aka Warchief Thrall

Through the Dark Portal


Faction: Neutral


During your turn, pay 13 to complete this quest.
Reward: Remove your deck and graveyard from the game. Build a new ten-card deck using cards from your entire collection.


If your going to use this card in a fun deck, the best option would be to go for a ferocity based deck, with moko’s and stuff.


But this card isn’t tournament worthy in my humble opinion.


Sealed: 4/5
Constructed: 1/5
Casual: 4/5
Raid: 1/5

Red Comet Through the dark portal

I'm almost positive we've reviewed this before but I can't find it so I guess not.

Limiting yourself to a 10 card deck on at least turn 13 is not a good thing.

Stacking those ten cards so you could potentially win a game is cool.

It's an astoundingly mediocre card though, if only because any smart opponent will stall you once they know what you're using the card for.

-Just so you know "your collection" in tournaments means deck and Side deck nothing else.

Sealed: 1/5


In causal play "your collection" apparently means any card that COULD go into your current deck.


Hmmm.  Quest week.  Interesting... lets start, shall we??

Through the Dark Portal


During your turn, pay 13 to complete this quest.

Reward: Remove your deck and graveyard from the game.  Build a new 10 card deck using cards from your entire collection.

This card is REALLY feakin' cool in theory, but not quite so amazing in practice.  13 is a high cost to pay for anything.  Being able to rebuild your deck from "your entire collection" sounds really good, too.  But unless I'm mistaken, your "Entire Collection" for tournament purposes consists of your deck, your graveyard, your 'out of game' pile, and your side deck.  So you really don't have alot more options.  What makes this card powerful is that you will know exactly what 10 cards you have left.  You will thin your deck down from 30 cards to 10 cards.  The drawbacks: 
1: its only on your turn.  So, 13 resources... what else can you play?  Not much. 
2: You will have 10 cards left in your deck.  If, for some odd reason, your opponant can last more than 10 more turns, you are boned.
3: This card is kinda hard to aquire.  So, if you actually want to get one out of your deck, you will be sinkin' some cash.

Sealed:  0/5  You can't get this in a sealed game.

Constructed: 3/5  If your deck is designed to utilize this quest, then you MAY do well.  But on the whole, I don't care for it.

Casual: 4/5  Through the Dark Portal shines here, because your "Entire Collection" really means it in casual.  Everything you have.  But if you are like me, that is ALOT of cards.

Raid: 1/5  Totally useless here.  Unless you happen to be towards the end of Rags and need that little extra oomph, or almost done with Ony, its not going to be helpful at all.  You can find MUCH better for here.



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