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Card Number - HOA-127

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.75
Constructed: 3.75
Casual: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.02.0

Red Comet Infernal

The second most Dangerous of the pet allies ( next to Doomgaurd who can OHKO you) Infernal almost requires that you play conservatively.

You run out of cards and you're done. And Infernal assures you will run out of cards.

It might be tempting to keep Infernal around but it's probably best to let him attack once or twice then blast him with a dark pact.

Sealed: 3/5

Constructed: 3/5

Casual: 3/5

Raid: 1/5 - Yeah never use this guy in a raid.
Infernal (Warlock)
6 cost, 6 ATK (Fire), 6 Health
Ally- Infernal Demon, Pet (1)
At the start of your turn, discard a card, or target opponent gains control of Infernal.
At the end of your turn, Infernal deals 1 fire damage to each opposing hero and ally.
Ah, pets.  A great way to get a decent ATK and Health for a moderate cost.  These guys, though, can hurt you much.  If you don’t discard a card each turn, you will pass this guy to an enemy.  And then, if that enemy can discard, you can get hit hard and take a damage to each of your allies and yourself.
Most of the time, you will be prepared to use this guy if you have him in your deck.  Don’t let him be the death of you if you can help it.  His ability to ping all opposing allies is great in Ony raids, and his stats are pretty big, so he can be a healthy beat stick.

Sealed: 3/5  On the upside, he can be mean.  On the down, your hand is an EXTREMEMLY valuable asset in this format. 
Constructed:  3/5 This guy can be a powerhouse if used right, but his discard drawback can also make him the death of you if played wrong.
Casual: 3/5  About the same as Constructed, but slighty more fun.

Raid: 3/5  If played right, this guy can help keep Ony's field clear.  If played wrong, Ony gets a 6/6 beat stick.

Ok, short review today. See yesterday’s review for this one, with some exceptions below.

The different cost for Infernal over Rain of Fire is 6 instead of 4 and discarding a card instead of exhausting 4 resources every turn. Remember that you have to do that in your ready step before you draw for the turn. So if you play Infernal and have no cards in your hand, it’s going to betray you.

This cost could seriously limit your play choices, but at least you’ll have resources ready so you can do quests and get some more cards.

The other major difference is that this card gives you something rain of fire doesn’t. It can attack!!! What a huge bonus. I like this card way more than rain of fire.

Sealed: 4.0.

Constructed: 4.0

Casual: 2.0 Don’t rain on your friends again. That’s not nice.

Raid: 3.0 Whelps hide behind mommy.
turkeyspit Infernal

Infernal is a Warlock Signature Card, as it's undoubtably one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal.

Let's start off by looking at it's stats:

6 Cost / 6 Attack / 6 Health*

Wow. Right off the bat, killing this behemoth is going to be very expensive, barring the use of an Ability card. Being capable of smashing face for 6 makes Infernal a decent beatstick, although that's not why you use him.

The realy purpose for Infernal is to burn each opposing Hero and Ally for 1 point of Fire Damage each turn. This means your opponent can't realistically summon any non-Ferocity Ally that has 1 Health to the field, as it will die long before they have a chance to attack with it. What's worse is that Infernal's effect kicks in at the End of it's controller's turn, which means any 1 Health Allies on your opponent's field will die the turn you summon him!

It's cost? After exhausting 6 resources, at the start of each of your turns, you must then discard 1 card from your hand, or relinquish control of Infernal to your opponent. Given that Warlocks have access to huge drawpower through cards like Life Tap, this isn't such a big problem. When you combine Infernal with Spirit Healer (Monday's COTD), you can see how well Infernal's cost feeds the whole mechanism.

- Discard a high cost Ally to the field
- Summon him with Infernal's effect for Free!


5/5 - Pull this in a sealed pack, and you stand a good chance of dominating your opponent.

5/5 - I can't see the reason to run at least 2 of these guys in a Warlock deck. He is just that good.

5/5 - See Constructed.


Onyxia: 5/5 - No need to worry about Whelps with this guy around.

Molten Core: 3/5 - Useful, but since Allies (along with Equipment and Abilities) are so easily destroyed, Infernal may not last too long. Also, the last Boss and his Minons are immune to Fire Damage.

*(666? hmmm...)



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