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Spirit Healer


Card Number - HOA-169

Card Rating:

Sealed: 1.33
Casual: 3.50
Raid: 2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.30.0


Hello everyone. This is my first card of the day review, so I think I’ll start by giving you a little information about me. My full name is Keith John Ferrara. I’ve been using the online nickname of KJFJustice (see what the K.J.F. is for...) everywhere since AOL 1.0 came out. Ya, that’s a long time ago. I’d bet most of you readers weren’t even born yet. I’ll tell you later what the Justice in my name is for. I’m one of the lucky ones that got to pick a name that wasn’t forced to have a bunch of random letters or numbers in it way back in the beginning of time. I’m kind of proud of that, and of my children. I’ve got a boy 8, and a girl 6. They mean everything to me and when my boy decided he wanted to play Yugioh a few years ago, my wife and I jumped in. I’ve been a gamer since good ole pong came out when I was 7, and since I love card games, I got immediately hooked when I started playing. I’ve since gone on to play Yugioh and WOW, and judge both games here in California.

I’m very familiar with the idea behind WOW. My personal belief is that the people who are behind this game (and other Dungeon and Dragons type games) are getting their inspiration from other, older games. One of those may be a board game called Talisman. I’ve got a version in my garage. I can’t wait until we review the card Staff of Dominance, because it’s almost identical to one of the Talisman cards, Staff of Mastery, including the picture! I’ll show you then. But for now, on to the review.

Spirit Healer is a card that saw little play when Heroes of Azeroth came out. It is a combo card because it does nothing to the game on its own. There must be allies in a grave for anything to happen. If so, each player brings one out at the end of their turn with basically 1 health on it. So then the big question becomes this... Before turn 8 hits and you drop this on the field, what can you do to maximize the value of ally targets in your graveyard and minimize your opponent’s targets in theirs, all while keeping your hero alive and maybe keeping some kind of field presence?? Well the answer to that was little to nothing when we only had Heroes of Azeroth. But with Dark Portal, it got a little better. I hope FoO will give us even more combo situations to abuse Spirit Healer with.

Some current useful combo cards include:

-Ophelia Barrows- Reduce the opponents targets to nothing.

-Shawn of the Dead from FoO- Steal an ally or two from your opponent so hopefully he can’t bring them back with Spirit Healer.

Helwen for Warlocks- Take control of whatever they revive.

-Ritual Sacrifice for Warlocks- Bring something back, blow it up and do 1 damage. The problem here though is if you spend the effort to bring something back, then blow it up to do one damage to an ally that your opponent gets with Spirit Healer and kill that, then it’s just a wash and you’re wasting your time.

-Brother Rhone- It’s only got 1 health, so bring back that wall and force your opponent to waste an attack or an ability to destroy it again.

-Any healing card that can heal the ally you bring back.

-Lady Kath- heals all damage from the ally you get back. (When end of turn starts, chain the effects together. Just put her effect as step 1 and Spirit Healer as step 2. You resolve S.H. and get your ally, then Lady Kath’s effect resolves and gives it a transfusion.)

- Gertha the old crone- Free fodder for her power.

There are more, and may be even more after FoO comes out.

Sealed: 2.0

Constructed: In a deck built around it- 4.0. Still kind of expensive.

Casual: 3.0

Raid: 1.0 Would be great if you could keep it on the field. Impossible in raids.
turkeyspit Spirit Healer

One of the more brutal combo cards for Warlock decks, Spirit Healer can easily tip the scales of battle. Normally combined with Infernal, Spirit Healer allows a Warlock to summon an Ally from their graveyard to the field each turn, while ensuring that any Ally their opponent summons via the same effect on their turn, will swiftly die due to Infernal's effect.

At 8 cost, this card takes some time to set up, but the combo is ridiculously easy to pull off. Using cards like Exchange of Silk, a Warlock player can ditch Infernals or Lokholar the Icelord to the Graveyard, and then recur it for free at the end of their turn.

Given the fact that Warlocks have lots of protection from cards like Sarmoth, in a few quick turns, a Warlock can easily lockdown an Aggro-type opponent.


2/5 - A combo card suited for only certain decks.

4/5 - A brutal form of Warlock lockdown.

4/5 - Your opponent may not be properly prepared to handle the combo.

5/5 - Since Whelps/Minions are removed from play, the RAID player will see little benefit from this card.


Spirit Healer (Any class)
8 Cost, Ability
Ongoing: At the end of each players turn, that player may put an ally card from his graveyard into play with damage on it equal to its health minus 1.
On the whole, I’m not a big fan of this card.  For starters, too expensive, and it helps your opponent just as much as it does you.  I don’t really have too much to say about Spirit Healer.
Sealed:  1/5  WAY too expensive.
Constructed: 1/5 
Casual: 3/5  Like I always say, Casual is about fun and sometimes strange decks.  This card could make it in Casual.
Raid: 1/5



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