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The Haunted Mills


Card Number - TDP-301

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.75
Constructed: 4.25
Casual: 4.00
Raid: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 07.11.0



The Haunted Mills

Undead got all the goods. This is so much better than yesterday’s quest. Pay 3, draw a card: That’s the standard of quest card-drawing. To me, removing a dude from the grave is not even an obstacle. So even the first Mills is good. Pay 3, draw 2: Mills just turned into a Counterattack without the restriction. Pay 3, draw 3: I Dream of such cheap card draw. And the fourth Mills, if you make it, is just silly.


Constructed 5/5

Sealed 3/5

Casual 5/5

Raid 5/5

aka Warchief Thrall

The Haunted Mills


Faction: Horde


Undead Hero Required
Pay 3 to complete this quest.
Reward: Remove an ally card in your graveyard from the game. If you do, draw a card for each ally card you've removed with quests named The Haunted Mills.


This card is a must in any Undead deck, because drawing cards is always good.

So include 4 copies of the Mills in your deck, they maybe Haunted, but they’ll proof their worth to you.


Sealed: 3/5
Constructed: 5/5
Casual: 4/5
Raid: 3/5

Red Comet The Haunted Mills

Look out Scoob! It's potentially 6 cards for a whooping cost of 9 and 3 allies removed from play!

It can get higher but only if you allow an opponent to destroy your resources which is never advisable.

It's extremely slow but quest tutors help slightly. I'd probably skip it in favor of a new plague that card is spiffy. 





The Haunted Mills (Horde)


Undead Hero Required

Pay 3 to complete this quest.

Reward: Remove an ally card in your graveyard from the game.  If you do, draw a card for each ally card you've removed with quests named The Haunted Mills.

Now this quest is pretty neat.  It gives you a reason to play multiple.  You pay 3 and get one card for the first time you use one.  If you use 4 of them, you will be paying a grand total of 12 resources to draw a grand total of 10 cards.  This is a fair trade off in my opinion.  That is, assuming you can hit all 4 of them.  But still, even if you only get 3, thats 9 cost total for 7 cards.  Not bad either.

Sealed:  2/5  Not great hear... its rare, so you'll probably only see 1 of it, if you are lucky.

Constructed: 4/5  Can be great if you can use multiples.

Casual: 4/5  Good card, and fun to play.  :)

Raid: 4/5  Raids run longer, so this card will have alot more chances to see its full potential.  You are likely to hit your 3rd copy of it in a raid, and that is when the value starts to roll in.



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