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Card of the Day

Sapphiron Drape

If your hero would deal damage with an ability, it deals that amount of damage plus 1 instead.
If your hero would heal damage with an ability, it heals that amount of damage plus 1 instead.

Card Number - 18

Card Rating:

Sealed: --
Constructed: 3.43
Casual: 3
Raid: 2.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.30.0

Unearthed Name Sapphiron Drape

At a glance this card is a Hide of the Wild, and Chromatic Cloak rolled into 1 card. Its effect is quite ok, that is it’s nothing special. You only got 2 worth of equipment with one card, with cheaper cost (Hide of the wild cost=2, Chromatic Cloak Cost =4), and higher defense (Both chromatic and hide don’t have any defense point). It can be used my 67% of the class, so if you get it from a treasure pack you won’t be disappointed. It makes a warlock done his job faster (and can make his life deplete faster. Thank you Life Tap), a shadow priest can discard faster, and Paladin can heal himself better. The only downside of it is that it’s an equipment, and currently there are approximately 4 ways to destroy equipment in WoW TCG (not counting class stamped ability card), and I don’t see this card got into the cut of control deck, as they better run protector instead.

For those reasons above, I give this card a rating of 3/5

Sapphiron Drape

Ah, Chromatic Cloak and Hide of the Wild mixed into one. In Mage and Warlock Decks, this is just another 4 copies of Chromatic Cloak. This really shines, however, in Druid and Shaman decks. An extra damage dealt and healed by spells is great, but in most decks I'd rather just have either Chromatic or Hide because they cost less and I like to focus my decks on either healing for control or damage for rush. In either of those types of decks the extra resource(s) of the Drape would just slow down the deck and make it not worth it.

Limited: N/A - Only found in Treasure Pack
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 3/5
Raid: 1/5
Aganej2 Sapphiron Drape

This card is a booster, expensive and hard to find but still a booster. There are cards that change their effects depending on how much damage they deal. This card would be important to those cards and even the attacks and abilities the hero employs. Even defends one dmg, which is ok but not the best in the later portions of the game. Additional healing is a secondary thing but it’s not a complaint being as long as it adds effective quality to things the hero is responsible for then its fine.

Constructed: 3/5 (solid but simply utility)

Sealed: n/a there is no sealed format you’ll find this card in

Raid: 2.5/5 (never know when you’ll need another point but I can’t imagine when those would be)

Sapphiron Drape

This thing is the rich man’s Chromatic Cloak and an absolute machine. All your abilities are doing +1 damage/heal and it even provides armour. This card should be in every Warlock, Priest and Mage deck imo and probably in most Shaman decks. Imagine Frost Nova/Chain Lightning combined with this thing: bye-bye field. Or a Shadowformed Priest using Mind Blast for 4: bye-bye hand. U could build a crazy DOTs deck with Rain of Fire + Curse of Agony/Pyroblast. It makes a Paladin even harder to kill. I cannot see any flaws in this card when played in an ability-heavy deck.
(Just be careful with Life Tap lol.)

Constructed 5/5
Casual 5/5 if you have the money lol
Raid 5/5
logan_nagol Sapphiron Drape
Type Armor - Cloth
Slot Back 1
Cost 5
Text If your hero would deal damage with an ability, it deals that amount of damage plus 1 instead.
If your hero would heal damage with an ability, it heals that amount of damage plus 1 instead.

A verry nice card, that if I had one I would use in my Shaman deck, it is like having both Hide of the Wild and Chromatic Cloakon at the same time.
Definatly woth putting in your deck, if I had two I would use both of them

Sealed: Never going to happen unless they reprint, if so 5/5
Constructed: 5/5
Casual: 5/5
Raid: 5/5

Back again with me on WoW CotD. Today we have Sapphiron Drape, a Rare card from Onyxia’s Treasure Pack. My first impression of this card was; a simple Chromatic Cloak and Hide of the Wild Rolled into one. But after further inspection, it offers a little more than that. It cost 5 resources which is quite steep for a modifier / amplifier card. It offers a 1 defense though, something both Chromatic Cloak & Hide of the Wild don’t. The drape isn’t too good if you want to concentrate only on one aspect (either healing or dealing damage), which is why it’s not an auto pack for all the heroes that can play it.

Let’s look how it benefits the heroes that can equip it;
Druids – Moonshadow & Thangal
Druid’s Natural Selection now deals 4 or heals 4 damage, increasing even more of its versatility level. The rest of the Druid’s arsenal emphasize only on healing so if you wanna use them, you’d be better off equipping Hide of the Wild instead.

Mages – Litori Frostburn, Ta’zo & Varanis Bitterstar
Mages don’t heal, you’d be better off playing Chromatic Cloak instead. The minor 1 def isn’t worth the 5 cost.

Paladins – Graccus & Nimaasus the Implacable
Holy Shield can now kill allies that have a higher health than its attack. For the damage dealing part, that’s as far the Drape can take you. Paladin mostly heals damage, so equip Hide of the Wild instead. It’s a lot cheaper on 2 resources.

Priests – Boris Brightbeard & Omedus the Punisher
Of all classes, the priest received the most bang for the buck. They can do and heal damage with even more power. Just look at their cards and you’ll se what I mean. Interesting note : While Omedus will have more fun with the shadow damage, Boris won’t be too happy, especially if he just wanted to heal. He’d rather equip Hide of the Wild. The Hide modifies a hero’s payment power while Sapphiron Drape only effects ability cards.
Shaman – Graccus Stormspeaker
The Drape’s only purpose is to amplify Graccus’ damage dealing ability cards. He’d be better off equipping Chromatic Cloak. Healing Wave is rarely played, and like Boris, the Drape doesn’t amplify the healing aspect of his flip payment power.

Warlocks – Dizdemona & Radak Doombringer
Well one thing’s for sure, they can’t equip Hide of the Wild. So if they want to increase the effect of their healing abilities, the Drape is the only way to go. Unfortunately only Steal Essence got that benefit since it’s the only healing ability they have. Warlocks should have more life stealing abilities in future sets to make this card truly shine. For amplifying damage, go for Chromatic Cloak instead.

All in all I’d say the Drape is not worth playing, at least not now. Wait for future sets. I believe it will see more play when the heroes that can equip it receive more ability cards. For now at least Priests (especially Omedus) can utilize it pretty well.

Limited: ----
(You can only get it from Onyxia’s Treasure Pack)

Constructed: – 2/5
Too expensive for what it does. If you just want to amplify either damage dealing or healing cards, you’d be better off equipping Chromatic Cloak or Hide of the Wild instead.

Casual: – 3.5/5 (In a Shadow Priest deck)
Slow but powerful. The Drape + Shadowform + other shadow cards = make Omedus melt faces with even more power and makes him more fashionable to boot.

Raid: – 1/5
Way too slow and expensive to make an impact
Barone Sapphiron Drape - 30/1/07

I spent a large amount of time drooling over this card, trying to work out what sort of deck it would take to really maximise it's potential. I feel that Priest, Shaman, Druid and Warlock decks would really be the ones to fully maximise this card and it's abilities. The simple fact of increasing and healing any damage by 1 will make it very sought after in decks that toss out damage spells and also pack the ability to heal.

Sealed: (no information)
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 3/5
Raid: 3/5
Mombo Sapphiron Drape

Sealed/Draft: NA
Constructed: 3.5

I’ve thought for awhile about where exactly to place
the Drape, is it a 3 or is it a 4. In all honesty
though this is purely a “tech” card, a card only good
as the deck playing it. If you’re playing a paladin
deck for instance this card is great for its purpose.
In a paladin, or any “stall” deck for that matter,
you’ll want to heal as much as possible, so it works.
What holds this card back is the “ability only” clause
in the text box. With the clause your allies do not
get a boost, so to use it means you’re only holding it
out for the abilities you’re playing. If you are going
to use it two or three would suit you fine. I wouldn’t
run four, because like I said before this card works
with the rest of the deck, not vice versa.


Saphhiron Drape

I don't know guys...paying 5 to get out a back armor with one health and only lets you do one extra heal or damage? I think we have better things to do with our resources then using an equip like this. Leeroy Jenkins anyone?

Limited: 2/5 There are better equips
Constructed:1/5 Why? (Again)
Casual: 4/5 I would love to see your opponents face when you get that extra "umph" for the win.
Raid: 2/5 Read yesterdays review for my opinion on this armor against the black dragon.



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