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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day

Illusionary Rod

(1), [Activate], Exhaust your hero >>> Remove your hand from the game. At end of turn, put the removed cards into your hand.

Card Number - 329

Card Rating:

Sealed: 1
Constructed: 1.35
Casual: 1
Raid: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.17.0


Illusionary Rod

Yesterday's card was great for Omedus decks, today's card is great AGAINST Omedus decks. Unfortunately, that's about the only use this card has. Sideboard in it if your metagame is filled with Omedus and discard related decks, otherwise don't use it. If one day WoW gets a mechanic like Magic's Hellbent(Your cards get bonuses for having no cards in hand), this card might go up in price.

Limited- 1/5
Constructed- 1.5/5- Sideboard is the only use for it.
Casual- 1/5
Raid- 1/5
Aganej2 Illusionary Rod

Well this is an interesting card, I think it can be useful for certain things like discard tactics or something looking for your hand to be empty. If there were a card that caused you to discard your hand and then to draw a new set, this card would be TNT on a stick. It’s a also a weapon but not much of one. Combo decks might learn to love this card.

Constructed: 2/5 (must be in the right deck for the right purpose but still it’s a weapon)

Sealed: 1.5/5 (I can’t see reasons to use this ability in sealed)

Raid: 1/5 (combos aren’t needed in this format unless the do 100+ dmg)

Vince G
Illusionary Rod
Play Cost: 1
Two Handed Weapon - Staff
Melee (1)
1/ ---3 to use

1, exhaust, exhaust your hero -> Remove your hand from the game. At end of turn, put removed cards into your hand.

Interesting card. I highly doubt you'll be using this card to attack, but instead for it's power. It's a fun card to use against Priest decks. You said you played a Mind Spike? No problem! Pay 1, exhaust. Remove my hand from the game. Now what card would you like me to discard? Oh, that's right! I have no cards in my hand. Muahaha! Yeah. Lol. This card will do awesome against Priest decks.

Problem is, not everyone runs a Priest deck. x]

Sealed: 1/5
Constructed: 1/5
Casual: 1/5
Raid: 1/5
Frost Nova Illusionary Rod

I’m sure there is a good use for this card, I just haven’t found it yet. The only thing I can really think of is a side deck option for when you go against priest and warlocks. Since those decks are all about discarding cards from your opponent this could help a bit. Like many other cards in the game I’m sure this card will get a use in future sets.

Sealed: 1/5
Constructed : 1/5
Raid: 1/5



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