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Card of the Day

Life Tap

As an additional cost to play Life Tap, put 2 damage on your hero.

Draw two cards.

Card Number - 128

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4
Constructed: 3.75
Casual: 3.66
Raid: 3.56

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.03.0


Life Tap

2 Mana, 2 Cards, 2 Damage to yourself. An amazing card for warlocks that gains card advantage. There was a card like this in Magic the Gathering Standard a few years ago called Night's Whisper which saw a lot of play. In Magic you start with less life than in WoW also, so if it was great in Magic, it's amazing in WoW.

Limited- 4/5
Aganej2 Life Tap

Warlocks, especially Diz, are known for affliction type abilities. When using them you have to ask if they are worth the punishment. Baring in mind that both warlocks sport a moderate 28 life, punishment is something they are designed to take. Because this card grants you a form of card advantage, though gaining possible resources, threats etc, at instant speed I like it.

sealed: 3.5/5 (solid card advantage at a quick and moderately cheap cost)

constructed: 4/5 (only gets better with added support)

raid: 3.75/5 (helping the dragon may not help but finding more ways to kill her back does)
Life Tap.

Well that’s appropriate, Radak yesterday, and one of his support cards today.

Life Tap was one of those cards that lost me at “As an additional cost…” Who the heck wants to hurt their own Hero? I thought there were plenty of quests out there that allow you to draw, so why bother with abilities that do the same thing? But now that I’ve put a Horde Warlock deck together, I see what the life taps are for. You need cards you hurt your opponent with, too.

The way I see a warlock deck running is this. Do whatever you can to make a resource drop EVERY turn. Then when both your and your opponent’s hand has dwindled to nothing, play life tap to draw more ammo. Between well timed quests and Life Tap draws, you may find yourself with a hand, plenty of resources, and an opponent with a look of fear in his/her eyes.

Draft: 3.5 – One or two of these could spell instant advantage.

Constructed: 3.5 – I’d score it higher, except that three of these, in hand, isn’t much fun…especially after you just played one to draw the other two. I have notoriously bad luck.

Lazy Peon/Casual: 4.0 – Draw more, pray you draw into card thieving abilities, and take out your opponent’s allies with their hand.

Raid: 3.0 – Face it. It’s a team event. And not all of your heroes will be standing by the end. Go all out, Life Tap your hand full, then blast away at the dragon with whatever you’ve got.

Vince G
Why hello there friends! My name is Vince G and I'm yet another of the many new WoW TCG CotD reviewers. Here's a short intro about myself before my review. I have been playing trading card games for about nine years starting with Magic The Gathering. I've played many other TCGs including Pokemon, Dragonball Z TCG, Harry Potter TCG, Zatch Bell, and Yu-Gi-Oh! I also am a casual player of the World of Warcraft MMORPG. Unfortunately, I don't have too much patience with the game. Okay, enough said. On to the Card of the Day!

Life Tap
Play Cost: 2
Instant Ability - Affliction

As an additional cost to play Life Tap, put 2 damage on your hero.
Draw two cards.

Wow! What's not to love about this card? Sure, I'll take two damage to draw two cards! This card was the main reason I decided to make Warlock as my main deck. What also makes this card great is the fact that it's an Instant Ability. This card is best used ( IMO ) at the end phase of your opponents turn so that you'll have the chance to possibly play the card during your turn.

Some of you may be thinking, ' Two damage really adds up '. That may be true, but don't worry, Warlocks have Steal Essence [ Play Cost: 2, Instant Ability - Affliction ]. With that combo, you gain two cards, potentially kill off a weenie, and even out the damage taken from playing Life Tap!


Sealed: 5/5 (Can you say card advantage?)
Constructed: 3.5/5 (Yes, the two damage is alot, but you get two cards!)
Casual: 3.5/5 (PLUS TWO !)
Raid: 3.5/5 (Great for early advantage over Onyxia)



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