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Card of the Day

Radak Doombringer

(X), Flip Radak Doombringer, destroy one of your Pets with cost X >>> Radak deals X shadow damage to target hero or ally. Use only on your turn.

Card Number - 13

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2
Constructed: 3.75
Casual: 4.5
Raid: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 01.02.0

Aganej2 Radak Doombringer

An interesting hero because this card has access to the biggest and even most useful pets in the game. Infernal and Helwen are the two bigger ones that stick out. But this starts to point toward his deck and the fact that he has to depend on another card or more to be great. By health, he is at a moderate 28 life. Other than that there arent many things to say about this hero.

constructed: 3.5/5 (most definite uses)

sealed: 1.5/5 (the likely hood of finding good pets in sealed isnt good)

raid: 2/5 (not the best in the support group, but it may prove useful against whelps)
Happy New Year. And for your new year, today, we offer you doom. Doombringer, that is.

Radak’s flip effect is one of the more expensive effects I can think of. On top of the cost X, which equals the cost of a target pet, you have to destroy the pet to deal damage X to your opponent. The times I’d want to give up a pet, are 1) if it was going to be destroyed anyway, 2) I was about to summon another (because you can only keep one on the field at a time) or 3) it could win the game. On top of being situational, it can only be played on your turn, too. There are so many times I wouldn’t play Radak’s effect, that I usually forget he has one. But that doesn’t mean the Horde Warlock should be neglected. Warlock ability cards make up for the lame Hero ability.

Draft: 2.5 – Like any Hero, when drafting, you don’t have to decide who you’re playing until after all the cards are selected. You also can’t guarantee drawing the best support cards for your Hero’s class. This makes the character ability more important. And if you read my opinion of Radak’s effect, that makes him an automatic second choice. However, that all being said, if you draft a Curse of Agony, you are in business! Also, if you can put together a set of ~5 cards like Grimdron, Steal Essence, Corruption and Shadow Bolt, you’ll be able to make the opponent sweat.

Constructed: 4.0 – Unlike draft, when you can guarantee playsets of Grimdron, Steal Essence, Corruption and Shadow Bolt, in your deck, play them. Don’t knock the Life Tap or Sever the Cord cards, either. They sound expensive, what with giving up life points, and an ally, respectively, but together they provide hand and field advantage. For example at a cost of 3 resources, you can pay 1 to summon Kagra, attack for a point, then Sever the Cord to take out any nasty big ally bothering you.

Casual: 4.5 – Great casual play. Real easy, to handle, too. Go heavy on the pets, and either peck for 1 each round using Gimdron, or protect with Sarmoth. Use abilities to take out their allies, and build up your forces necessary to pummel your opponent.

Raid: 3.0 – Funny story. At my first raid, my Fiance and I rolled into the card store with alliance decks. We found a third player to fight the dragon with, and shared our strategy. A few minutes later, he had his binder out, and rebuilt our decks to include shiny Onyxia cards. I wound up playing a warlock in the process. We thought we were pretty special with our sooped up decks. But the dragon creamed us in the beginning of her third life. And here’s the problem…Cull the Weak didn’t work against Onyxia. It was too hard to keep allies out. Sure, you can get in a shot with it, here or there. But who wants to give up allies when there’s a dragon in front of them? So despite all the shiny things in our decks, we were devoured by the dragon. Most of my shiny Cull the Weak cards turned into sad face-down resources. The moral…? WOW is a meat-and-potatoes game. Play your commons and uncommons.



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