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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day


Attach to target Hero or Ally, and your Hero deals 4 Damage to it.
Ongoing: At the start of your turn, your Hero deals 1 Fire damage to Attached Character.

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.60
Constructed: 4.60
Casual: 4.60
Raid: 4.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.20.0

Bryan Williams
Level One WoW TCG Judge.
Today's Card of the Day is Fireball.
Fireball:Mage Only
4 Cost
Ability: Attach to target Hero or Ally, and your Hero deals 4 Damage to it.
Ongoing: At the start of your turn, your Hero deals 1 Fire damage to Attached Character.
Ahh, Fireball. Such a good Mage card, no matter what Mage you play. 4 cost for 4 damage makes it a 1/1 in my eyes, and the chance to deal even more over the course of the game is just butter on the bread. There's not much else I can say about the card specifically, it's pretty self-explanatory. Only other thing I can note is that it's a nice, hard hitting spell that will probably send your opponent running for the Dispel/Burn Away in the late game. If they do that, it just becomes an ally killer for late game, which isn't bad at all.
Sealed: 5/5. You get the Mage, you play this, it's very good.
Constructed: 5/5. Your bread and butter spell, either hit your opponent's hero with it, or if they're running mass ability kill, start obliterating Allies that could hamper your Mage's progress.
Casual: 5/5. C'mon, a Mage without Fireball probably isn't a good Mage.
Raid: 4/5. I know, I need to Raid more, but let's take a popular quote from the game. MORE DOTS!!!



A moderately powerful DOT ability, Fireball starts things off with a nice 4 damage. It can double as a Vanquish against most allies if you get in trouble, but mostly it will just put some serious pressure on the opposing hero. Very nice with World in Flames, but watch out for the Focal Sword.


Constructed 3/5

Casual 3.5/5

Sealed 3.5/5

Raid 4/5

COTD Review- February 19th- Fireball

This is an excellent card for Mage builds, 4 damage for 4 is good right there but after that it also has a DOT effect that does 1 damage every turn combined with "World of Flames" it does 8 damage for 4 which is AMAZING and as long as both are in play it does 2 fire damage for the dot effect which isn't bad ether.

All 4.9/5 this is one of the best burn cards available

Have a question or just wanna Chat? email me at jakeman202003(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

2/20- Fireball
This is an excellent card and is a 4-of in almost all mage decks. That's because it kills most allies and is a nice DoT against heroes. If you're a mage, run it. Not much else to say.

Limited- 5/5
Constructed- 5/5
Casual- 5/5
Raid- 5/5



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