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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day

Thunderhead Hippogryph

Card Number - 280

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.00
Constructed: 4.98
Casual: 4.33
Raid: 5.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.xx.0



Thunderhead Hippogryph

Basically this card is just a bigger better and more expensive version of allies that each faction already has.

For Alliance: gives Kor Cindervein Elusive for an extra 1 (or Shalin Nightwind with less attack and more health depending on how you want to look at it).

For Horde: gives Veshral an extra 2 health for 1 extra cost.

Clearly it’s much better in a Horde deck.

Its stats are good for its cost: a total of 6 for 4, with a good even spread between attack and health. It’s still vulnerable to a one-shot kill from the usual suspects (shadow bolt, frostbolt) but hey there’s not much that isn’t.

If you want lots of big-hitting Ferocity dudes, go with this guy, but clearly you’ll use Fury and Moko before you resort to this guy.


Constructed 5/5 for Horde, 3/5 for Alliance, so 4/5 all up

Casual 4/5

Sealed 4/5

Raid 5/5 (for Horde)

Jake COTD Review- February 19th- Thunderhead Hippogryph

This Guy is CRAZY, depending on which
faction you are, ether way its good also I think this Might be the ONLY ally that can be on ether faction (other than Pets of course) if fact when 1 1st saw him I thought he was a pet although the fact that he isn't makes him better.

Constructed 4.9/5 nothings perfect
Casual 4.9/5 again nothings perfect
Bryan Williams
Level One WoW TCG Judge.
Today's card of the day is Thunderhead Hippogriff.
Thunderhead Hippogriff:
4 Cost
3 Attack
3 Health
Ability: Alliance: Thunderhead Hippogriff has Elusive
Ability: Horde: Thunderhead Hippogriff has Ferocity
In my honest opinion, Thunderhead Hippogriff will see very little play in any Alliance deck out there, just based soley on the fact that Elusive won't stop Abilities that deal damage. It becomes ability fodder and can be easily removed from the board. However, Horde Rush decks are reducilous with this card cause of the Ferocity attribute. 4 cost for a 3 attack 3 health card is also very nice in Horde Rush, since it won't get destroyed quite as easy as Vesh'ral, for example. Since there's also very little, if any at all, abilities that can deal 3 damage that's instant cast, the Thunderhead Hippogriff is almost unstoppable, unless they have a beefy Protector. There's very few that can fill that role however, with Guardian Steelhorn being one of the few who can kill him as soon as he comes out and Ferociously goes for the kill. All in all, very decent card...just only for Horde though.
Sealed: 4/5 Depending on the faction, getting him can hurt a lot either way
Constructed: 5/5 for Horde Rush decks.
Casual: 4/5 All around good card.
Raid: 5/5. Again, very new to the Raid part of the game, but I assume that Ferocity vs Onyxia= quick damage that she can't clear off on your turn.

2/19- Thunderhead Hippogryph
Excellent for horde...alliance not so much. He's used in rush decks and is great because he is a strong 3/3 with ferocity. Elusive doesn't much help this guy when he's on alliance, there's a lot better allies with elusive, so I'd rather take one of them.
Limited- 3/5
Constructed- 4/5
Casual- 4/5
Raid- 3/5



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