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Gone Fishin'


Card Number - FOO

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.25
Constructed: 3.50
Casual: 3.25
Raid: 2.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 08.07.0


For you MMO Guys- this gives your character an umbrella, chair and fishing pole to kick around with while your busy playing online poker or something.
You can combo it with the Hibachi from the last set and offer friends a little picnic while you're all waiting around for your other friends to show up for that 4 minute raid you're about to do. I don't expect the code to cost much either.

For you TCG Guys- At first glance, many of you probably said, 'Eh, I don't like this card because it has no removal in it, or it has too high of a cost". BUT- This card has some potential. Pay 2, exhaust, draw 3 and skip your next turn. Use only on your turn. Hmmm. How can we abuse this effect and not get burned by it? Well as far as I can tell, if you combo it with Lay on Hands, you'll be skipping your next turn for both cards and getting two great effects, full health and 3 extra cards while skipping only 1 turn.
Also, at 3 cost, you could do it on turn 4 to grab 3 cards, play a 1 drop, or just hold a 1 instant to use on your opponent's turn and minimize the lost turn by doing it early in the duel. There might be other 'skip your next turn' cards in FOO to combo this with. Oh ya, AND IT'S AN ONGOING EFFECT. I like that card Slow in FoO that limits your opponent to playing 1 card per turn aside from placing resources. If you hit the opponent with that, then pay 2 and skip your next turn with Gone' Fishin, your opponent can play only 2 cards before your next turn comes around. That's not much of a loss to get 3 freebies in your hand. And then do it again later, and then do it again later, and then....

I'd say this is a better card for the TCG than the MMO.

Sealed: Hard to set up combos, but still rare card draw. 3.5.
Constructed: If you set up to minimize the cost: 4.0
Casual: Sure why not: 2.5
Raid: Do NOT skip turns in a raid. 0.5
Gone Fishin

3 cost Ability

Ongoing: 2, Activate >> Draw 3 cards and skip your next turn.  Use only on your turn.

This is a pretty neat, if useless, loot card.  When you scratch the code and turn it in, you get a little icon that you can click on to drop a chair.  You can fish from this chair, or sit in it and watch people... heck, you can even combine it with previous loot cards Hibatch and Blanket annd Umbrella (from what I've read) to make your own little picknick spot. 

Oh, right... card review... forgot...

I personally like this card.  Why?  Because I'm a big fan of cards that no one else will like.  Paying 2 to draw 3 cards is a great deal, but you have to skip your next turn.  Use this card only if you are SURE that the risk will be worth it.  Most of the time it won't be.  You'll use this card once, maybe twice in a game... using it more than that is just asking for your opponat to kick your head in for 6 unopposed turns. 

Sealed: 3/5  Play it early, use it once... hope for the best.

Constructed:  3/5  I can see some fun decks using this... If used wrong, though, it'll come back to bite your butt.

Casual: 4/5  Fun.  Nuff said.

Raid:  3/5  This card can be GREAT in a raid, the way I see it.  If you skip a turn, there are still 2 to 4 other players in the game that can make up for it, and getting those extra 3 cards can be amazing.  This is especially good if you are playing a Rogue, or a non- tanking warrior, or even a Mage.



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