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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day

High Overlord Saurfang


Card Number - DP-214

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.25
Constructed: 4.00
Casual: 4.63
Raid: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.02.0


High Overlord Saurfang

Time to dig into some of the awesomeness coming out of TDP...and this guy really is awesome! With a huge 9 attack and protector, you'd think this guy would be great value for an 8-drop. The 4 health is a bit of a let-down but only fair for something with 9 attack. A Moko could take him down...except for his other power that destroys any ally that enters combat with him. He doesn't take damage from allies. The only way to take him down is with burn spells.

This makes him ultra-dangerous as he eats up little allies or smashes at the face, and he also takes down other epics with ease, which I think is one of Saurfang's major pluses.
Some may argue that Thrall is better with his 8 health and 3/3 pump but Saurfang is a one-man army that can either shut down an opponent's allies or start a damage race that the Overlord will inevitably win.
Constructed 5/5
Sealed 5/5
Casual 5/5
Raid 5/5
Red Comet
High Overlord Saurfang

Well let's get down to it . . . this card is Dark Portals Leeroy Jenkins. Not so much in Playability( Leeroy's got nothing on this bad boy) but rather you'll be paying out the wazoo to get one( first use of Wazoo in a WoW COTD review by the way). Not that he isn't going to be worth it Surfang kills EVERYTHING and he's a protector. His cost is a bit high but I doubt anyone is going to complain much with that effect.

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3/5

He's not bad in Sealed since games can run a bit longer. Besides if you pass this guy up odds are somebody will make you regret it.

Constructed: 4/5

He requires some thought before using him in a deck but, most horde builds will gladly make use of him.

Casual: 5/5

The same reasons as Constructed apply here but casual games can go on forever.

Raid: 2/5

Good luck keeping him going with 4 health against Onyxia.

Sovelin High Overlord Saurfang
Horde Unique Ally
Cost: 8
When an ally enters combat with High Overlord Saurfang, destroy that ally.

Welcome to TDP epic week! Today we are looking at an instant favorite of mine, High Overlord Saurfang. Don't let his low health fool you, he's more difficult to kill than you think. His effect takes place before any damage calculation. In other words, when someone attacks him, that ally dies before it deals damage. With his protector status, your opponent is gonna hold off on attacking for a few turns. He is excellent in control builds, and his 9 attak is something to fear. If you happen to be running horde control, this card is a definite game ender. Have him attack for nine, then cull of the weak for 18 total damage in one turn!

He does have a pretty high cost, but TDP makes him significantly easier to summon. Quests like the divino-matic rod, and allies like Branu Wildbloom ensure you get him out a few turns earlier. If you went second, complete divino-matic rod turn 4, then play a resource from your hand. Turn 5, summon Branu, and by turn 6 you already have 8 quests out. Not only will he help you clear the board, but he'll win the game for you.

Sealed: 5/5 (If you pull him, run him. It's pretty much gg.)

Constructed: 3.8/5 (He is really nice, but there is so much ally hate this set. On top of vanquish and cards like lightning bolt, you now have cards like Doomguard, Boneshanks, Shred Soul, and Shadowburn.)

Casual: 4.5/5 (Your friend will stop being your friend.)

Raid: 2/5 (Onyxia will eat him alive. His effect obviously doesn't work on her, and stage 2 she has long range. Unless you can Kaal him, or there is a warlock with cull in the raiding party, he'll be the first thing she kills.)

aka Warchief Thrall

High Overlord Saurfang

Cost: 8
Attack: 9
Health: 4

When an ally enters combat with High Overlord Saurfang, destroy that ally.

Hello to the first card review of this week, and it is a Epic week.

The High Overlord is a nice addition to the Horde army, 8 resources is much, but you get a big protector.

I personally wouldn’t use this guy, there are better protectors out there, but it isn’t a bad card so feel free to try it, I might even do so.

Sealed: 4/5
Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 4/5

See you on the Battlefield
Warchief Thrall



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