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Card of the Day

Outrider Zarg


Card Number - TDP-227

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.60
Constructed: 2.70
Casual: 3.00
Raid: 2.33
Onyxia: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.13.0



Outrider Zarg

A card for the poor man’s 4-drop rush slot! And frankly I think this guy is on par with Thunderhead Hippogryph too. The difference between 2 and 3 health is whether or not a 1-drop can kill it, and by the rush turn 4 I don’t think that’s really relevant. And he does an extra damage. His detrimental power is moot as the only reason he wouldn’t be doing damage is if they have enough armour to block him or he gets Frost Novad. And you wouldn’t summon him if the opponent had enough armour ready to block.


Constructed 3.5/5

Casual 3.5/5

Sealed 3.5/5

Onyxia 4/5 4 points of damage

aka Warchief Thrall

Outrider Zarg


Cost: 4

Attack: 4

Health: 2


At the end of your turn, if Outrider Zarg dealt no damage this turn, destroy him.


And another ally that could see some play, but I don’t expect it to enter tournament winning decks.

The stats of this card aren’t great, but in a rush deck he could be useful.


So, if you’re building a rush deck, try this card, but don’t expect miracles of it.


Sealed: 3/5

Constructed: 2/5

Casual: 4/5

Raid: 1/5

See you on the Battlefield

Warchief Thrall


Outrider Zarg

Cost 4

Ally – Orc Hunter


At the end of your turn, if Outrider Zarg dealt no damage this turn, destroy him.



When I pulled this guy in the pre-release I was like wow they replaced thunderhead hyp in the 4 cost slot in the hunter deck. That’s all I was thinking when I saw him and it was sad moment. I like thunderhead and I think it’s sad when a common in the next set replaces a rare in the previous.


Ok now maybe not everyone is going to be trading in their thunderheads for Zarg but It’s not a bad deal. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are running a mad rush deck and you have total disregard for your allies well being then Zarg is your man. If you’re looking to play a more tactical game and maybe you want your ally to not have a death wish then thunderheads for you. I find he works nicely with cull the weak. Hit with him and if he is ever unable to attack sack him. There are a lot of ways he can be used if he is rendered unable to attack; you have till the end of the turn to figure out what to do...


Sealed (4): Not enough to stop him but if he is stopped he drops and there are a couple different things that mess with him in sealed.

Constructed (4): Not as reliable as thunderhead but also more powerful with heroes with 31 hp now maybe 1 point will win or lose you a game.

Casual (3): To aggressive for this format your friend swill just get pissed off when you drop one of these on 4th and 5th turn.

Onyxia (3): Paying 4 for 4 damage is ok I guess but there are stronger allies you should be looking to use.

Lazy Peon (5): Due to the fact that thunderhead is a rare this little guy fits nicely into the 4 drop slot of the hunter rush deck. He is aggressive and strong all you could ask for in a fierce ally.

Sovelin Outrider Zarg
Horde Orc Ally
Cost: 4
At the end of your turn, if Outrider Zarg dealt no damage this turn, destroy him.

We are concluding Orc Week with Outrider Zarg. He is a cheaper, poorer version of Moko-Hunts-At-Dawn. His stats are decent, but he does have ferocity. If your opponent doesn't have any protectors out, that is a decent 4 damage to the face. His low health and his ability are his weakness. If he does not do damage, he is destroyed. If your opponent has the Deflector, Zarg is no good. Several people won't like Zarg because of his low health and/or the fact that he is destroyed if he doesn't do damage, but a lot of those same people see nothing wrong with Vesh'ral. Vesh'ral costs 1 less, and is -1/-1 compared to Zarg. One AoE effect, or Frost Nova, and he's dead as well. Zarg isn't too bad.
He is a decent replacement for Vesh'ral, but I still prefer Hippogryph.
Hippogryph has one less attack, but the one more health helps him survive a little longer (against parvinks especially). Hippogryph also has ferocity, and does not die if it doesn't deal damage.

Sealed: 4.5/5 (The lack of protectors and armor make him an excellent

Constructed: 2/5 (Low stats and self-destruct ability hurt him.)

Casual: 2.5/5

Raid: 5/5 (Chances are he'll get a couple good swings at Onyxia before he goes. More than enough to warrant having 2 copies of him.)

Lazy Peon: 4/5 (Nice replacement for Thunderhead.)
Red Comet Outrider Zarg

4 cost 4 attack and 2 health with ferocity ? Oh and he dies if you don't deal damage, super . . .

I'm sure some decks will make use of him but really they shouldn't. Thunder Head Hippogryph is a better choice if you want ferocity that badly.

Sealed: 3/5

He's okay in sealed but only because attacking is priority

Constructed: 2/5

Near worthless

Casual: 2/5

Near worthless





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