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Card of the Day

Grunt Baranka


Card Number - TDP-212

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4.75
Constructed: 4.00
Casual: 4.00
Raid: 2.00
Onyxia: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 04.11.0



Grunt Baranka

An excellent ally control card. It forces them to lose an ally or waste a removal spell. At a cost of 2 this makes Grunt Baranka very efficient, as Baranka should often trade up the curve and gain you some momentum. It makes a huge annoyance for decks that like summoning big allies and smashing face. Recurrable with Finkle Einhorn too.


Constructed 4/5 Needs more health to get 5

Casual 4/5

Sealed 5/5 Can take down the opponent's bomb card!

Onyxia 1/5  

aka Warchief Thrall
Grunt Baranka
Cost: 2
Attack: 2
Health: 2

When Grunt Baranka defends against an ally, destroy her. If you do, destroy all attacking allies.

This card has a lot of potential, destroy 1 of your allies, to destroy all attacking allies.
With her health at 2, she wouldn’t survive more then 1 or 2 turns anyway, so why not use her effect.

Sealed: 5/5
Constructed: 4/5
Casual: 5/5
See you on the Battlefield
Warchief Thrall

Grunt Baranka

Cost 2

Ally – Orc Warrior


When Grunt Baranka defends against an ally destroy her if you do, destroy all attacking allies.



Ok This is my first review for the week and this card is a good representation of the set. Dark Portal is going to give us a lot of duel trigger cards and that’s what the game really needed. The game designers saw allies like Parvink getting a lot of play and that’s because she does two things that are amazing when you play her.


OK so lets get down to the card 2 cost for a 2/2 orc protector, nothing glorious here so far but ah wait there is the game text and I think what this ally loses in power she makes up for in tactics. When she blocks she dies and that’s not cool but she takes whatever she is blocking with her. So congrads you get a vanquish for 2 in the shell of a 2/2 ally. Now granted she can be killed easy as pie but that means that your opponent has to make the effort to kill her without attacking her.


Sealed (5): In the land of very little ally removal this ally has a role to play and she does it well, she is a good pull late and early game and is a solid ally in sealed.

Constructed (4): This is an ally that will see play in sideboards. If your opponent is playing a stall game involving large allies then having Grunt Baranka on the board will make him think twice before whacking you with his big beat stick. In a wall of blockers she is the most dangerous because she will not fail.

Casual (3): It can be played here but I would keep this card as a more competitive card.

Onyxia (1): Nope not going to cut it she could block the dragon but so could about 50 other allies that are better or cheaper.

Lazy Peon (5): Oh boy is she going to see a lot of play in this format, she is cheap versatile and a great duel purpose card.

Red Comet Grunt Baranka

I like this card, the effect is great, her stats aren't outstanding but they're decent, and the cost is low.

Hordes low cost allies continue to be awesome. Not much else to say.

Sealed: 4/5

Great pick if you can get one before the other guys

Constructed: 4/5

Extremely splashable.

Casual: 4/5


Low Health is a detriment in raids and the effect won't help much.
Sovelin Grunt Baranka
Horde Orc Ally
Cost: 2
When Grunt Baranka defends against an ally, destroy her. If you do, destroy all attacking allies.

We're continuing orc week with Grunt Baranka. She has some pro's and cons. A pro is her low cost (same as Steelhorn), but she is guaranteed to take someone out with her as long as she protects. Her stats for a 2 drop are also pretty decent. Now for the cons. Her effect has to trigger when she defends against an ally. So your opponent will just attack her with a weenie, then attack you with their big ally. Also, if normally she wouldn't be destroyed by battle, she still gets destroyed as long as she is defending. (If she attacks kagra, she lives. But if kagra attacks her, she dies.) Also, she doesn't get to choose who she destroys, unlike boneshanks, a significantly better card.

Sealed: 4/5 (Limited removal, and she will at least buy you a turn.)

Constructed: 2/5 (Cons outweigh pros.)

Casual: 2.5/5

Raid: 1/5 (She takes out 1 whelp with her. Horrible.)

Lazy Peon: 2.5/5 (I still prefer boneshanks)



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