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Card of the Day


(3), Flip Dizdemona, put X damage on her >>> Dizdemona deals X shadow damage to target ally. Use only on your turn.

Card Number - 2

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3
Constructed: 3.75
Casual: 3.25
Raid: -

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.21.06

DanHibiki Welcome to Hero Week!!! ... again ... this week we're kicking things off with the gabeart hero, Dizzy

Hero - Alliance Gnome Warlock
Talent - Affliction
Proffesions - Mining, Tailoring
Health - 28
(3, flip, put X damage on Dizdemona) -> Dizdemona deals X damage to target ally. Use only on your turn

Dizdemona has lead to a group of my friends reffering to Warlocks as 'the emo class', due to their habit of hurting themselves for effects, however despite this they are still formidable opponents, with cards like Sever the Cord and Life Tap being among the best at destruction/draw power, and the all purpose pets that they have available to support them gives almost unlimited power in a properly built deck, the addition of Cull The Weak could make dizdemona just as viable an option for alliance rush decks as Elendril

In Sealed play, Dizdemona is a fairly solid pick, any hero with strong removal power is useful in this format, and the 28 health will keep you alive long enough, and warlocks have some very good common abilities to add into the mix. Draft doesn't really change anything for warlocks from sealed, except they have a much higher control element

Overall Dizzy is a good hero, performing well as an all around character but not really overperforming anywhere

Constructed - Lots of Solid, well balanced abilities - 3.5/5
Sealed - Useful flip ability, and most cards will help you out here - 3/5
Draft - A little more control to maintain the field - 3.5/5
Artwork - What can I say? I'm a fan of gabeart - 5/5

I'm DanHibiki, and Saikyo on


Alliance Gnome Warlock
Health 28

3, Flip Dizdemona, put X damage on her: Dizdemona deals X shadow damage to target ally. Use only on your turn.

Dizdemona's a Warlock, who uses fel energies to fight her foes. Warlocks, in addition to their abilities, can use some of the 'pet' allies, each of which

has some intresting powers. Helwen can mind control, the imp has Evasive and the ability to exhaust to deal 1 to anything...and the Infernal will kill things as long as you keep discarding cards. A good number of warlock cards require you to destroy something of yours, or discard a card, or pay life, but a fair number also gain you said resources. They also have Damage over Time spells, or DoTs, that whittle down the target one turn at a time.

Warlocks really benefit from items such as the Barov Pesant Caller for allies to kill, and from the Chromatic Cloak, to change that 1 damage a turn into 2...

Dizdemona's ability is straightforward, and despite the pain it causes her,

can save her life. I remember a game I lost because I coulden't draw removalfor my opponent's Magni, and I got token-crushed by tons of 1/1

Dwarves...I'd glady take 8 to stop it before it could start. Her Talent card, Dark Pact, lets her destroy one of her pets and draw cards equal to its cost. It's not an Instant so you can't use it to get cards as you're about to use Helwen, but it's still a strong card drawing mechanic, and a great way to recover after using the Infernal a couple turns.

Constructed: 4/5
Dizdemona needs a tricky balance to work, but she can wield a lot of reckless but compensatable power against her foes. She seems to build more 'momentum' thanks to her DoTs than most heroes.

Sealed: 3/5
28 health and the ability to kill any one ally pretty much without question make her pretty decent on her own, and some of the abilities you can pull are pretty good by themselves.

Draft: 3/5
Drafting a Warlock's a mixed bag...Some things are good, like pets, and some are bad, like pets (Infernal...). Most abilities are useful, but I'd ignore

Sever the Cords since Allies are a lot more important in limited formats.



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