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Card of the Day


(3), Flip Graccus >>> Prevent the next 3 damage that would be dealt to target hero or ally this turn.

Card Number - 4

Card Rating:

Sealed: 4
Constructed: 4.2
Casual: 3.75
Raid: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.16.06



Level 60, Human Fire Mage

Holy $#!*


I really don’t like Graccus for the simple reason that he beats me and it takes forever.


To beat a (good) Graccus deck, you need to constantly destroy or exhaust his armor and weapons while also stopping your opponent from using abilities.  Oh yeah, and make sure his allies don’t hit you when you aren’t looking.


He’s got annoying abilities (when you are on the receiving end), and access to armor and weapons.  Of course, Graccus doesn’t get the benefit of Horde allies.


Are you tired of me saying I like Horde allies better than Alliance?  Graccus is a great example of why.  If you look at the entire list of Horde and Alliance allies and count up how many have healing powers, card drawing, or item destroying… they’re pretty even.  And if you count up the health, attack, and cost of the allies, they’re also pretty even.  But when you look at the cost, attack and health of allies that also have special powers – the Horde has a bit of an advantage.  (Note: this is based on the 600-or-so cards I own and the cards I see in use against me.  I have not actually put all of the cards in a database and performed detailed quantitative analysis)


As I said, I don’t like him, but I have to rate him high because he is effective.


My ratings…


Sealed: 4.00
Constructed: 4.50
Casual: 4.50
Raid: 3.00


Pleasant days and pleasant nights.


- Broadcloak

Level 60 Human Fire Mage


Unearthed Name Hello all, sorry for my absent. I’m having exam, so yeah lets go into the business. Today’s card is Graccus. As a Paladin, Graccus has the second highest HP. Just below Warrax and Gorebelly. His ability itself to prevent next 3 damages is amazingly good, it seems like his flavor text is true. Also being a paladin he has access to all the best armor and weapons in the game (I’m talking about Arcanite Reaper HOOOOO!!!). His ability cards are also good. However Paladin is not the hero for people who wants to win their game fast. A paladin is a hero who using his wits and resources outlast his opponent. So for this, I’ll give the pally a 3.5/5


My first CotD, woo. Graccus is the Alliance exclusive class, the Paladin. An expansion may give the Horde a Blood Elf Paladin, but for now, this is your only choice. He's got 29 health and more importantly, almost as big a selection of weaponry and armor as Warrior heroes. His abilities are less focused twords killing, and more twords Ongoing effects, especially card drawing. LOTS of card drawing.

His 'Hero Power' is to pay 3 to prevent up to 3 damage. There are worse out there, but there's also better. The biggest drawback to Graccus is that he's very reactive and 'blunted' in terms of offensive power. He needs strong allies to make the most of his Aura and Seal choices, but he really stands to overwhealm the opponent with a certain Racial leader, if you can get him...

Constructed: 4.5/5
A well built Graccus deck can get you all the options you need, and his quests should be aimed at recovering lost allies and getting abilities...he can REALLY burn through a deck if you build him right.

Sealed: 4/5
As a Paladin he can use most any equipment that would show up, and any paladin abilities can make an 'oops, not yet!' out of losing a good ally.
Even if you only get one or two, you're still likely to get a card drawer.

Draft: 3/5
Graccus is actually worse off in Draft due to his reliance on allies, and everyone's going to be drafting good allies because they can't really rely on weapons.



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