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Card of the Day


(3), Flip Thangal >>> Ready Thangal. Use only while he's in bear form.

Card Number - 16

Card Rating:

Sealed: -
Constructed: 3.85
Casual: -
Raid: -

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.10.06



So you pay 3 and flip him and you get to ready him, but you can only use it while he is in bear form... I actually like bear form a lot. It has some great cards and druids overall seem very solid. You could get a giant turn in with this guy with Predatory Strikes and Feral Rage gives you a great boost for drawing cards. So in one turn you potentially will be able to draw 2 cards thanks to this ability as well as deal double your normal damage. Not too shabby.


Level 60


Thangal , the feral druid standing on his 28 health thangal can take quite some hits.
Beign a feral druid allows him to play Predatory strike which increases ATK by two while in bear or cat form.This definately isn't bad.

Now on to the flip effect it reads this way (3) flip thangal ----> Ready thangal , use only while hes in bear form.What does this do ? it gives him another attack for the turn i don't really know what else to say .

Speez And our finally card of the week is Thangal, a horde feral druid.

Thangal has a respectable 28 hp. Being a druid he can equip some armor that may have some defense, so he can at least absorb a few damage a turn if equipped (The druid ability Natural Defenses gives all your armor +1 defense.).

The beauty of a druid deck (as well in the computer game) is its ability to be the jack of all trades. They can heal, they can attack and they can cast spells. Just like the computer game though, it may be a good idea to focus on just one aspect though. If you throw every druid ability in your deck, you deck will be huge and you’ll draw healing cards when you want to attack, and damage ability when you want some heals. So try to stick with one area and maybe just throw in a few cards from the other two areas when making a deck.

Thangal flip power is actually pretty good. Pay 3 to ready Thangal. If you are in bear form and equipped with Devilsaur leggings, you can wreak havoc on your opponent’s allies. Or maybe deal that last bit of damage to your opponent for the game.

I give him a 4/5. What can I say, they made every hero pretty good, but not amazingly good over each other.
Hero - Horde Tauren Druid
Talent - Feral
Proffesions - Enchanting, Engineering
Health - 28
(3, flip) -> Ready Thangal. Use only while he's in bear form

The druid in the TCG would have to be the single most seperated decks based on the talent spec of the hero - The inability to use Bear Form (or any other forms) and non-feral abilities at the same time results in a problematic incombatability between the two heroes. For Aggresive play, the feral druid is the obvious choice, and thangal does a good job of it, allowing him to attack a second time while in bear form, or even use a protector ability to save an ally - although feral druids require several cards to work very well, when you get those several cards the damage never seems to stop.

for sealed play, Thangal is one of the most useless heroes available unless you happen to pull multiple abilities to transform to bear form, and some form of attack boosting so that you won't have to break your bear form state
- the odds of getting the cards to make thangal work in sealed are against you, so don't count on it

Draft play, on the other hand, will often allow you to pick up several feral abilities, including multiple transformation cards - if you can add some attack boosting items into the mix, then you will have an incredibly solid deck for play (although, even without attack boosting items, Thangal can act as a very efficient tank)

Provided you have a large enough card pool for thangal, he can be a beastly hero to go up against ... pardon the pun

Constructed - There's a bear in there.... - 4.5/5 Sealed - Good Luck... - 1/5 Draft - If you manage to get a decent pool for him, THEN use him - 2.5/5 Artwork - Are those Trees that are being bent? - 3.5/5

I'm DanHibiki, and Saikyo on



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