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Card of the Day


3, Flip Ta'zo>>Ta'zo deals 3 fire damage to target hero or ally. Use only on your turn.

Card Number - 15

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2
Constructed: 3.87
Casual: 3
Raid: -

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.09.06


Pay 3 and Flip Ta'zo to deal 3 fire damage to anyone you like, isn't too bad. This guy actually does get nuts tho with World in Flames and the other fire abilities. Definately painful when you save his ability late game for World in Flames. You'll be dealing 6 then instead of 3. I personally have a fire mage deck I've been working on, the amount of damage it can dish out is nuts. I think he, because of the abilities he allows you to use is probably one of the better heroes out there.


Level 60


Alright , sorry that i missed yesterday's COTD had something to do , anyway on the subject.

Tazo's flip effect isn't too shabby a 3 damage for 3 ressources may be usefull when you have nothing else to play.

beign a fire mage it allows him to play Pyroblast which is a nice card.

Ta'zo decks are usually made for burn damage and are quite eficient at it.

Ta'zo has in my opinions one of the best flip of the game and is able to use pyroblast.

I give him a 3.5/5
Speez Welcome back to hero week. Today we look at Ta’zo, the fire mage. Being a fire mage, he’s the only hero so far that can use Pyroblast, so check our reviews last week on our opinions on that card is.

Ta’zo health is the lowest so far in the game, with 25. If you take a few good hits, you are going to be hurting. And being a mage, Ta’zo armor usually doesn’t have any defense on it, so you can’t block any damage with armor.

But the strength of the mage is controlling your opponent’s allies. Frost bolt, winter grasp, and frost nova stop attackers dead in their tracks. Polymorph takes an annoying ally practically out of the game. Fireball, Pyroblast and Flamestrike can deal out a good amount of damage that will kill of weaker allies. What the mage lacks in hp is made up in his ability cards to help protect him.

His flip ability is average. Pay 3 to deal three fire damage and it can only be used during your turn. It can be used to kill an annoying ally or finish off a low health hero. The fact it can only be used during your turn hurts it’s flexibility that it could have had.

Overall, I give the bit T a 4/5.
DanHibiki TA'ZO
Welcome to the second card of hero week, the Demo Deck enemy of yesterday's card - the horde Mage Ta'zo

Hero - Horde Troll Mage
Talent - Fire
Proffesions - Enchanting, Tailoring
Health - 25
(3, flip) -> Ta'zo deals 3 fire damage to target hero or ally. Use only on your turn

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Ta'zo is really, the exact opposite of yesterday's card Warrax - Ta'zo is quite obviously a very aggressive character who should be using fast magic to deal as much damage as possible, so quickly that your opponent doesn't even get the time to yell at you, on top of the fast and furious fire abilities mages also have access to frost stalling abilities - these more than compensate for the lack of health making both of the mages very playable in constructed format.

In sealed and draft, Ta'zo suffers from not having the benefit of a lockdown deck to keep him alive, making that low health stat a serious weakness - the lower number of protectors in this format makes the frail traits of Ta'zo an easier win for your opponent.

Simply put, While both mages are very powerful in constructed play, Ta'zo falls into the sub-par category of heroes when playing in a sealed or draft format

Constructed - Mages know how to lock you down AND hit you for lots of damage in this format, do you really need more? - 4/5

Sealed - Even if you get a Pyroblast, you might not live long enough to use it well - 2/5

Draft - Very similar to above, but you have a nicer sized cardpool to keep your troll alive - 3/5

Artwork -careful kids, don't play with fire - 2/5

I'm DanHibiki, and Saikyo on

browningb Ta'zo can be a very dangerous card. I'm just going to assume that it be used as a primarily fire base deck here.

His ability is ok, I mean three damage isn't alot in the scheme of things but if used in the right spot it could be a killer. I see it mostly being used to deal
with pesky allies that have sick abilities and/or have ellusive.

The cards that can be used in a Ta'zo deck are really made to just pummel the crap out of your apponents hero. With a bunch of allies that have ferocity, and most of your abilities doing tons of damage and sometimes having ongoing damage, if this game goes on too long I don't see how a Ta'zo deck could lose.

Equipment-wise, I don't see any Ta'zo decks using many of the options they give you. Some of the abilities they give you such as Eye of flame can be useful, but I dont feel that any of them are going to make or break a game.

I'll give Ta'zo's flip ability a 3 because I like the idea of being able to take care of annoying allies.

But I'm only going to give Ta'zo an overall 2.5, I feel like there are too many decks out there that can counter the Mage mentality, and the fact that they are basically stuck to having one strategy - tons of damage - and that just won't work too well in such a complex game.



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