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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day


1, Flip Warrax>>Warrax has protector this turn.

Card Number - 8

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.6
Constructed: 2.3
Casual: 3.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.08.06


Warrax's ability is from what I've seen, the cheapest of all the heroes. For just one and flipping him you get protector this turn. It certainly can be useful, I don't know how big warrax decks will be tho. Some warrior abilities are pretty cool, maybe combining him Galway Steamwhistle to ready a weapon and warrax, probably be good to pair him up with Arcanite Reaper for some massive damage and be able to strike with a weapon to defend once you've used Warrax's ability wouldn't be bad. Definately should be able to do so also with a strike cost of 0 and Galway to ready it.

Overall I think there are better heroes, but Warrax isn't awful. I do think the other Warrior hero tho is probably the better bet right now.

Speez Welcome to a new week of reviews. This week we are looking at three heroes. First up we have Warrax.

Warrax is an alliance warrior with 30 health points, which is tie for the most in the game. Now in the big scheme of things, that’s only 5 more than the lowest. But add in the fact that Warrax can equip armor with the best armor value on in, you can increase his survivability to insane levels. Throw on a Draconian Deflector (4 armor), Lionheart Helm (2 armor), and Invulnerable Mail (6 armor) and that’s like an extra 12 health points a turn!

Get a weapon in his hand, like Arcanite Reaper, and Warrax can start tearing down opposing allies and heroes. Once you get a weapon in his hand, the pain can really start.

His flip ability is average. If you have an ally you want to keep on the field, pay 1, protect against the fatal attack, hopefully block with some armor, and your precious ally stays alive.

And of course he’s a warrior, so you can use all the warrior abilities with him. Demoralizing shout is nice to help keep the damage down from opposing allies, execute can instantly kill any ally with damage on it, and Cleave can deal some serious damage to two allies. I don’t really like the Protection only ability Last Stand. It could help you survive death, but it’s cost of discarding two cards at the start of your turn is insane.

Overall, I give Warrax a solid 4/5 all around. He can equip the best armor and weapons, average flip effect, crappy Protection only ability.
DanHibiki Hi there, you can call me DanHibikii, I've been playing TCGs for years, I don't play the online game, and I'm not really one for introductions, so welcome to Hero Week.

To kick the new Card Review week off, we start with the demo deck Alliance Warrior, Warrax

Hero - Alliance Dwarf Warrior
Talent - Protection
Proffesions - Blacksmithing, Mining
Health - 30
(1, flip) -> Warrax has protector this turn

Today's card, Warrax, shows just what warriors should play like in the TCG - aggro, the reason for this is that the 'tanking' ability of Warrax is near-useless in the late game period, which is when many other classes will begin to overpower the brute strength of warrior decks, unfortunately Warrax tries to extend the game, which could be a death sentence against a bad match-up for constructed.

for sealed and draft, however, Warrax is not such a bad choice, the generic lack of protectors and much greater importance of allies in these formats makes forcing your opponents to hit your hero directly a powerful play, plus the big fleshy health stat of warriors will stay around to haunt your opponent for longer than what they would like.

At the end of the day, Warrax seems to want to be a 'Jack of all Trades'
but, quite frankly, he isn't very good at any of them

Constructed - Unless you are a beginner or want to use last stand, go for gorebelly - 2/5
Sealed - Protecting your allies can be vital here, and a lack of weapons and armour can be somewhat offset by the defensive traits of warrax - 4/5
Draft - Similar to above, but your card pool might make other heroes more viable options - 3/5
Artwork - his hammer is scary, but his moustache is scarier - 3/5

I'm DanHibiki, and Saikyo on
Tom This week we look at some of the heroes you get to play as in the TCG.

First off is Warrax, the dwarven warrior.

At a whopping 30 health, he certainly shows the vitality and strength warriors have. But is he a good hero? I would say he is decent, if only because of the high health. His flip ability, which basically says flip him, he gains protector, is something to be desired. Sure protector ensures he keeps one of your allies alive, but you had better have some good armor on him to be able to keep him from taking damage. Luckily that's exactly what warriors do, is keep a steady supply of armor so they wont get banged up so easily. However there are other cards that give him protector, so more than likely you won't be flipping Warrax very much at all. Still, with the right armor he can protect one of your much needed allies and still come out relativly unscathed. As I come to find out about anything warrior, it's all about the equipment, and Warrax might just give you an excuse to use it. Your opponent decides to attack one of your allies, you flip Warrax and force him to be attacked, which you use the lovely Arcanine Reaper to cut away your oppnent's ally. Not to bad if I do say so myself. Still, there are other things that can give him protector so the only thing that anyone can really benefit from him is his high health.

Constructed: 3/5
Casual: 3/5

Hey guys, this is my first COTD so I hope you like it.


Looking at Warrax I see two things, cheap flip ability and alot of life.


What I want to talk about is not neccesarily the card itself, but rather the

cards that you can use with it to make up a sick deck.


Ability-wise Warriors have a great strategy, keep your allies alive and make

them better, while at the same time weakening your opponents hero/ally. With a few different abilities that give Warrax protector, and the fact that he has such an large number of possibilities when it comes to armor, Warrax can take alot of hits before he goes down.


I personally like Warrax better than Gorebelly because I feel that alliance

allies are more suited for a protection hero. Seva Shadowdancer - Ellusive,

Exaust and pay X to heal X from target hero or ally- is one of my favorite

allies because of her ability to stay alive and keep everyone else around her

alive as well. With other healing allies and protector allies, you've got a

deck that can basically outlast any other.


I don't even need to explain how great it is that Warriors can use more

equipment cards than any other heroes in the game.


I give warrax's flip ability a 3 because its got such a low cost and can help

you stall until you get more protector allies/abilities.


Overall, I give warrax a 4, I think Warriors are going to be real tough to beat

in this first set if they are played right. It might just be because i have a

60 Warrior in the online game, but I really like this card




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