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Card of the Day


Your hero deals 5 arcane damage to target hero or ally. Draw a card.

Card Number - 32

Card Rating: 3.6

Sealed: 2
Constructed: 3
Casual: 2.5
Raid: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.03.06

Speez The Druid in the WoW MMORPG is the ultimate swiss army knife. They can deal magic damage like mages and warlocks, they can stealth and do big melee attacks like rogues, be a tank like warriors and they can heal like priest. In the end, they might not do the job as effectively as any of the core classes do their job, but Druids can bring enough to the table to overall be effective in raids (if we didn’t bring them, who would inntervate my priest?) and be feared in PVP (player versus player action for those of you who don’t play the computer game)

For the most part, Starfire is horrible in the game. I’ll admit, I just looked it up to see what it does. It’s just not a widely used Druid spell. It takes awhile to cast, and it just does average damage.

So yeah, when they translated it the card game, I think someone is a druid fan at UDE, cause they made the card better. Six resources for five damage is under the curve. For the most part, the number of resources you pay should equal the damage you do. But you give up one damage to draw a card. Drawing a card is always good.

You lose no card advantage for playing this card and deal a hefty five damage. That should kill any troublesome ally in your way, or you can just dish out five damage to your opposing hero. Seriously, there is no draw back to this card (unless your druid is in bear form I guess). If you are playing a druid deck, you will want four of these bad boys.

Rating 5/5

Level 60

Starfire's Review

Starfire , the only Non-feral damage ability, well first-off a 5 damage for  a 6 resources card isn't all that great , but starfire certainly isn't bad.

This card goes well in alliances druids decks . combining with Nature's swiftness if you deck it enhance Starfire's playability .

Being just a burn card i don't have much else to say 3/5
legom7 starfire

Before the review, let me tell you more about myself. I do not play the MMO. O_O What, why would you be interested in the tcg then? You may ask. Because I'm an avid card game player, played Pokemon '99-'02, dabbled in M:tg, and up till recently, Yu-Gi-Oh!. But YGO has flawed game mechanics, so when I heard two companies known for the best mechanics (UDE and Blizzard) were making a tcg, I had to jump aboard!

Now for the review,

Have you ever notice a lot of ability cards that say "draw a card"
after the primary effect? And did you notice that most of these cards are druid ability cards? "Draw a card" is a druid specialty, and this card is what people mean by "staple".

5 damage for (6) and draw a card, that's better then 6 for (6). And if you use nature's swiftness, that's 5 damage, draw a card, on turn 4!

I give it 5 kickass druids out of 5
Unearthed Name Starfire
Deal 5 damages, and then draw a card. Geez even my paladin can prevent that damage. The 5 damage is not to shabby, but the downfall of this card is in the hefty cost of 6. This maybe will be my shortest review ever, but straight to the point this card is worthless and I won’t even I give this play it in my druid deck. For that I give this card a 2/5

Comment, Flame, Hate E-mails? Send it too unearthed_name@hotmail.com
Ron Smalec


Level 60, Human Fire Mage

Greetings, traveler. Sit a spell. Let us palaver. I am Broadcloak, though you may know me by other names in other worlds. I will show you fear in a handful of card protectors. And/or I am a 2 year WoW veteran who couldn’t wait to get back into a collectible card game circuit! Thanks in advance to the Pojo crew and fans for listening to my rant.

This is the Druid’s big punch. The big brother of Natural Selection (3 cost for 3 damage).

Without even looking at what Star Fire can do, it feels costly (particularly in sealed and casual games). I’m extremely new to the game, but I am finding that I like lots of quick, cheap damage and leaving a few un-exhausted resource cards for me to react during my opponent’s turn.
Given the cost, this card won’t come into play before turn 6. Most of the allies in play at that point will be overkilled by 5 damage, so I’m most likely to have this in my deck as a killing blow against the hero. (From what I’ve seen so far, games are usually done in 8 to 12 turns because of hero death, not decking your opponent.)
However, if you are going for the hero after 6 turns, you’re going to have to deal with multiple pieces of armor, protectors, and/or epics like Invulnerable Mail. I would rather divide up my damage into multiple, smaller attacks so that my opponent has to overprotect a single attack and the rest will get through.
On the plus side, drawing a card is always nice. If you assume that 5 of the cost equate to the 5 damage, then it’s only costing 1 resource to draw.

My ratings…

Sealed: 2.00
Constructed: 3.00
Casual: 2.50
Raid: 2.00 (ok – I haven’t even read the raid rules yet, but I if it’s anything like the MMO, you’re going to need druids to conserve their resources for healing)

Pleasant days and pleasant nights.
John Wetz Starfire - For a cost of 6, it deals 5 arcane damage to target hero or ally and allows you to draw a card. It's certainly not a terrible card, it deals a nice amount of damage and nets you a draw. This could be a decent card for druid decks. I think as of now it will probably be a decent addition to some druid decks.




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