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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day

Landro Longshot

(1), [Activate], Discard a card >>> Flip a coin. If you win the flip, draw two cards. If you lose the flip, you may pay (2) to reflip.

Card Number - 277

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.00
Constructed: 2.50
Casual: 3.00
Raid: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 11.01.06

Speez Hello, my name is Speez and I am one of the many WoW TCG cotd reviewers. Before we jump into the wonderful world of reviewing, a short intro about myself. I have been playing TCGs for about eight years starting with Magic, and also playing Yu-gi-oh, Vs., and Pokemon. Yu-gi-oh was the game I played on a tournament level, and if anyone has ever done that, you know the tourney scene for YGO sucks. YGO is just a flawed game that forces you to play a certain deck or lose. Add in the fact you get like four packs for winning a tourney it sucks. I got in WoW computer game when it came out two years ago. I got three level 60s (Priest, Rogue, Mage) and a level 29 twink warrior, all horde. My guild has just started Naxx, so I pretty much seen and done everything in WoW. And when I saw they are making a TCG of it, and that the TCG is actually good, well, here I am.

Onto the Card of the day!

Landro Longshot is a card I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, he can net you plus one card advantage at the price of one resource. The problem is, he has downsides that can backfire.

He’s a two cost, so his one attack isn’t amazing for two cost. His health is pretty ok for two drop. Because Landro is an activate effect, you have to wait until you next turn to even think about activating his effect. So he sits there with his three health just waiting to be attack by allies or blown away by some ability.

Now if he survives, you have to pay his cost three part cost. Pay 1. One cost isn’t too much, but if it’s early in the game it can be annoying to pay one. You also exhaust him. So you lose an attacker. Not bad, you probably won’t going to attack with Landro anyways. You also have to discard a card. Let’s be honest, discarding cards always sucks. Maybe you can discard a big ally and use resurrect if you are a priest, but for the most part, discarding a card sucks. And if you have no hand, you can’t activate his effect, so that’s always a con.

So for all that, what is his effect? Flip a coin, if you call it right draw two cards. Drawing cards is always good, but luck is always bad. And if you call it wrong, you don’t get to draw any cards. You do have the option of paying another two resources to reflip, but there’s the chance you can get it wrong again. I actually don’t know the ruling if you can keep paying two resources if you call it wrong a second time, but at this point you are paying FIVE resources to in the long run to draw one extra card.

For all the hops you have to jump through, the end result just doesn’t justify the means. Sure, you can combo it but discarding utter crap at the moment to draw two better cards for the cheap price of one resource, but as his name says, it can be a Longshot.

Overall, I give it a 3/5. It has it’s potential and combos, but for the hops you have to jump through, not worth it.

Landro Longshot

No matter what card game you play card advantage is one of the major strategies to construct your decks with in mind. However, Landro is a double edged sword which is probably why they gave him the sub-title of gambler. Let’s start with the ability since this card is about card advantage. So for one resource, a discarded card, and exhausting Landro you can flip a coin for a chance at drawing two cards. And if your flip fails you can pay 2 more resources for another flip.

Just the ability itself is a problem, you have to discard a card from you hand. So now you are at a -1 card advantage. So if you end up successful you are +1 card advantage.

Now we have to deal with that he is a passive ally. You have to exhaust him to get his affect (not that he would by much help in combat). His 3 health won’t keep him alive for to long with the amount or direct burn spells and cards like waylay (if for some reason the player decided to waste it on this guy, unless your incredibly lucky with flips).

The big problem I have with this guy is you have a chance at getting a +1 card advantage but have to discard a card in the process, and if you’re not lucky you would have to keep spending your resources for another chance. In this case you can end up in a worse spot then where you started with a -1 card advantage and x number of resources wasted. There are better options for card advantage in this game then this longshot (ok bad joke).

Online Value: 4/5
With this card you get the unique tabard for your online character. This is cool but I believe the only OV that should get a 5/5 of the scratch off’s in the turtle mount which any player at any level can use.

Sealed: 3/5
Landro has a better chance in sealed tournaments to get into a deck. Landro is more useful where everyone has a limited chance of gaining card advantage.

Constructed: 2/5
I can see if you’re a lucky player or are a player with limited cards as many are finding with sold out signs on WoW cards around my area, you may not have much card advantage if you’re playing Horde.

Raid: 1/5
I doubt a team with constructed decks will be relying on Landro for card advantage.
Anochadrin Hello fellow Pojo readers , welcome to the new WoW Card of the day section.

Landro longshot , knew more for his Loot code (On the legendary version , since hes also printed in Rare) than for his actual effect , perhaps is it because his effect isn't all that great.

So you need to discard a card and pay 1 so you MAY be able to draw two, depending on your luck with coin flips .So yeah heres the basic maths:

50% Chance of only paying 1 , discard a card and draw two cards 25% chance of having to pay three , discard a card and draw two cards.
25% Chance of Paying three and discard 1 card.
This is not really worth the risk in my opinion.

1 Attack and 3 Health , for a card that costs 2 definitively isn't bad.

Fairly good stats + Fairly good effect equals a fairly good card 2.5/5
legom7 Hi! I'm legom7, and welcome to pojo's WoW TCG card of the day!

Today's card is Landro Longshot. Some of you already know whether or not you're buying this one, because some versions of this card are "loot rares" that have codes that get you cool stuff in the online game. But if you want to know how playable this card is then you're at the right place!

Let's start with the stats: neutral ally, costs (2), atk 1, hp 3, effect (1), [Activate], Discard a card >>> Flip a coin. If you win the flip, draw two cards. If you lose the flip, you may pay (2) to reflip.

This card doesn't have a lot going for it, landro's effect is an "[Activate] ability" so you can't use it on the turn you play him, giving your opponent(s) time to destroy him. Not only that, but you also have to discard for a CHANCE at drawing two cards.

Landro seems best suited for the late game, where you have lots of resources to pay for reflips and are desperate for drawing power.

Summery: he's not as stable as other "draw a card" cards, but Landro could be good in his own deck, he could create advantage if you regain your discarded cards (sunken treasure).

I give him a promising 2 out of 5
Tom First of all I want to thank the guys at Pojo for giving me the chance to review the cards of one of the better TCG's I've played.

Second I'm going to go over briefly on how I will score the cards.

They will be scored on Constructed play, Casual play, and when we get more sets, Limited. When the Raid decks come out, I'll start giving a Raid score to show how well the card will do in parties, or against parties.

Anyways, on to the review!

The first card, of what I hope to be many more, is Landro Longshot.

At 2 resources, he is decently costed. He has a health of 3 and an ATK of 1. But really, you wont be attack with Landro too much. It's his effect that you will be more than likely to use. At the cost of 1 resource, exhausting him, and discarding a card you get to flip a coin to see if you can draw 2 card.If you dont call it right you can pay 2 more resources to reflip. Let's take a look at the math a moment. You are already giving up 2 resources to play Landro, then you are paying one more to use his effect for the chance to draw one card. But wait, you say, he draws two cards! True, but you are discarding one card to do the effect, which isn't even guaranteed. So at this point you are giving up 3 resources and a card to potentially draw two cards. But let's look at what happens when you lose the flip. You get to pay 2 more to try the flip again. So if you lose, you are, at this point, paying 5 resources to draw 2 cards and lose one, which still isn't guaranteed. I personally don't think the investment is enough. Now I admit when you do pull it off you get a nice effect and your happy with your extra card. However I can think of a card that can net you a card for the same amount of resources and is easier to get to boot (Your Fortune Awaits You).

Constructed: I honestly don't see him being played much at all in Tournament Play. He's too risky compared to some of the more solid card drawers out there.

Casual: In a casual game he becomes a little bit better and more fun to use. You can always laugh if the flip doesn't go your way and go on with the game.

That does it for my first review! If anyone has any questions or comments about my review you can contact me at war_jedi@hotmail.com or whisper me on WoW on either Jeroid or my alt Mahnamdsu. I'm Horde so all you Alliance players don't whoop up on me too bad. ;P
Unearthed Name Landro Longshot

Howdy everyone, welcome to the inaugural Pojo’s World of Warcraft Card of the Day. Today’s card is the Tanaris Goblin Merchant Landro Longshot. He gives you the Saltwater Snapjaw, and he also gives you 2 cards with a condition of exhausting him, and discarding a card. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of gamble card like and thankfully Landro needs you to flip a coin, otherwise it’ll be a little bit broken. Stat Wise, Landro Stat is not shabby, and he can probably survive 2 or 3 rounds. For his gambling ability, I’ll give him 2/5.

This is Unearthed Name Signing Out.

Send all your flame and comment to unearthed_name@hotmail.com



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