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Pojo's World of Warcraft TCG
Card of the Day

Kaal Soulreaper

(7), Remove Kaal Soulreaper from the game >>> Players put all ally cards from their graveyards into play.

Card Number - 245

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.875
Constructed: 2.625
Casual: 4.5
Raid: 2.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.13.06


Kaal Soulreaper

So I've got a french final today...Wish me luck, I am going to NEED it.
Kaal's cost is high, but he might become one of the best cards in WoW. I'd say he's a bit too high costed for constructed, but in other formats he's really nice. Since he's horde, put 4 Ophelia Barrows in the deck, remove the opponents' allies from the game, then destroy them. He's also got 6 Health, so he has a high chance of living til the next turn if Ophelia protects him.

Sealed: 3.00 - As long as you get more allies than your opponent, you're in a good situation. Only problem is, he's an epic.

Constructed: 2.50 - As soon as he hits, he's going to be the target of many attacks. He probably won't survive long enough for you to use him unless you have 14 resources out. 7 for him, 7 to ativate.

Casual: 4.50 - Oh Kaal, you destroy the dreams of small children.

Raid: 5.00 - Hey Onyxia, remember all of the allies you killed? They're back, and pissed!

Maintenant je vais ne réussir pas une examen finale. Je pense que la seule manière dont je passerai est si je dors avec le professeur.
Aganej2 Kaal Soulreaper

A deck would have to be build around this guy, which is odd because isn't that supposed to be the point of the hero? Matter of fact, he is just like a hero in the regard that he is Unique, which means just one of a kind can be in play. I would recommend a lot of come into play abilities and a lot of graveyard removal for the opponent. Which can happen, but if it would pay off in the sense of, "could it win?" is the question. If it were going into a deck other than the one base around it, you are getting a 5/6 for 7 that only one can be in play. Not very useful.

Constructed: 2/5 (only in the right deck, and I mean just for him)
Sealed: 2.5/5 (because he's a beater if nothing else?)
Raid: 4/5 (actually quite useful because ony doesn't have allies in the graveyard but you will be sure to be plenty)
Ruichi Hello everyone iam Ruichi and today we have Kaal Soulreaper

This 7 drop BEAST of a Orc is a great card to topdeck late in the game
(right after they use blueleaf tubers) to gain control. With the cost of 7
resources (the amout it takes to play him) all players put all the allys in
there graveyard into play.With 6 life it wont die soon and with 5 attack no
one will attack it. No real combos come to mind with this card just if you
play warlock you can combo him with Forbidden Knowledge to remove him
and redraw him when needed. He is in no way a Horde staple and cann't
fit into just ANY deck.

Constructed: 2 ( 7 is just to high of a cost )
Sealed: 3
Raid: 4 (OMG ony killed all our allys....NO WORRIES I HAVE KAAL... awww whats wrong ONY no allys?)
Kaal Soulreaper’s effect is too situational to make it splashable into any horde deck. He’s tough to get out at a cost of 7. Once out, he needs to survive a turn before getting his effect off, unless you have another 7 resources to spend. Then when his effect is popped, both players return all allies from their graveyards to play. So any ally with Ferocity, that you return, can attack right away. It’s a nice setup…except for that part where your opponent might bring back a swarm of protectors. Doh!

In order to make this card’s power effective, you have to tip the scales. Play it at the end of your opponent’s turn, so he can’t use his new fleet of infantry. Then swarm for game. Or better still, use the resource building time to play cards that chew up his allies in the graveyard. For example, protect with Ophelia Barrows, and use her effect to drain the opponent’s graveyard. Then when you pop Kaal, you’ll have the advantage in numbers.

Draft: 2.0 – It’ll be hard to combo up, but could be a surprise game ender. It will be a fun play, in any case.

Constructed: 4.0 – Maybe even 4.5. I’ll build a deck around this guy and see what happens. Maybe win some tournaments.

Raid: 3.0 – My first thought is, “It’ll never work.” The dragon will chew Kaal up. But if you have a strategy to protect Kaal for a round, then you could turn the tables on the dragon, and swarm her for a change, as all your friendly heroes pull their allies out of the grave, too.
Knightwing Hello to all faithful Warcraft fans, Knightwing here, giving the COTD review a crack, so please, be kind... Today's card is Kaal Soulreaper, a Horde Warlock ally. An Epic card (for you rarity buffs) that's unique, meaning that at any time during the game you can only have one copy of said unique card in play.

Basic info for this guy: You must exhaust 7 resources to bring him into play first off, and then on top of that, to trigger his effect, you must exhaust 7 more! Oy vey... However, this card's usefulness can come in handy, depending on the situation. Best case scenario, you run lots of allies and your opponent does not, in which case you trigger his effect. After paying the 7 resources, you must remove dear ol' Kaal from the game, but in return all players (usually you and your opponent) get to bring back all your allies from the graveyard back into play. Being an Orc Warlock really helps out good ol' Radak (my hero of choice) since you'll most likely be able to bring back a good number of your allies back so they can be used and abuse once more (in the good way).

If I missed anything important, sorry about that, I'll do better as I go along, till next time!

Constructed: 4/5
Limited: 3/5
Raid: Not up on that yet, sorry folks, but I will be soon, after Finals are over for me...



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