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Card of the Day

Touched by Light

Your hero heals 1 damage from target hero or ally.
Draw a card.

Card Number - 75

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.5
Constructed: 2.66
Casual: 1.5
Raid: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.12.06

ygofan Hello everyone it's ygofan again and today I review Touched By Light.

It's a 1 cost Paladin Ability that is pretty simple it heals 1 damage from target hero or ally and you draw a card.

So it's a cheap decent ability that replaces itself the only real problem is
that it is not a instant but it is still a pretty decent card for the Paladin deck.

Constructed 3
Sealed 4(Any cheap card that lets you draw is good in sealed)
Raid 1(It only heals one damage so it won't really help you)

Touched by Light

It's a Heal 1 for 1 Resource. So..it's not that good. Vut, you get to draw a card! I'd play 2 of these in a paladin deck because healing 1 from an ally can save him from dying and let him fight another day, plus with the card draw you have a chance to draw into the Paladin Heal for 5 card.

Sealed: 3.00 - Card draw is a nice effect, and it keeps an ally alive.

Constructed: 2.00 - So, The Other paladin heal is better in terms of effectiveness, but this has a cheap cost. I'd play both, personally.

Casual: 1.50 - Same as Constructed.

Raid: 2.00 - I played Horde against Onyxia, but I'd probably this as a paladin because of the card draw and perhaps to keep an ally alive. Any heals are nice in raids, especially if you have 1 or 2 healers.
Aganej2 Touched by Light

It's cheap, it's useful and it draws a card. Paladin's don't a lot of healing, and yes there are cards that heal better than this one, however this card gives you a draw effect. It will replace itself on use and it will always do something because it's a pretty certain fact you will lose life somewhere. Paladins do have a nice selection of card draw, which may leave this guy out but the fact that it heals and draws is a nice combo. It would depend largely with the other cards in the deck

Constructed: 3/5 (if you have other heals and other draws, which are just better)

Sealed: 4/5 (very good pick, draw+heal = goodness)

Raid: 3/5 (only useful for the draw, which if the deck is made to take on ony, can count for the win)
Whoops… Looks like protector week is next week, and my post for yesterday was premature. I guess I just wanted the holidays here so bad I jumped a week.

Touched By Light is a nice balanced card. The cost is cheap, at 1 resource to activate, and 1 heal point is fair for that price. But the real bonus is in the card draw. Together, both effects enable the Paladin player to maintain hand size, keep life points of the Hero or an integral ally up, and search for whatever clutch card they need to vanquish the opponent. When you consider that better heal cards give you about 2-3 heal points for each resource cost, it’s pretty clear that this hybrid card offers a draw instead of extra life. And that’s fairly appropriate for a paladin.

Draft: 3.5 – Heal and draw. Just don’t draw too much, unless you have some Blue Leaf Tubers handy.

Constructed: 4.0 – It’s not an overwhelmingly powerful card, but it helps you find the cards that are, at a reasonable price.

Raid: 4.0 – Cheap healing can help save an ally or friendly hero and foil the dragon’s plans for a round. Plus, draw power will help you dig out those weapons and allys that the dragon fears…if you know who/what they are.



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