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Card of the Day

Omedus the Punisher

(3), Flip Omedus >>> Omedus deals shadow damage to target hero equal to 7 minus the number of cards in its controller's hand.

Card Number - 12

Card Rating:

Sealed: 3.16
Constructed: 3.6
Casual: 5
Raid: 2.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.11.06


Omedus the Punisher

So it is or it's almost finals week for you college students, and we all know that this week is going to be hell. I hope you have time to read my reviews all week; I know I probably should be studying right now, but I have a job to do!
Omedus is featured in some very powerful decks. In card games, hand disruption is really strong because it forces the other player to make a choice that impacts the rest of the game. In WoW, it's especially good because the opponent will probably start to empty his hand in the first few turns anyway. Omedus, suitable to his name, punishes your opponent for discarding. And he hurts. Shadow priest spells usually come with a discard effect, and cards like Mind Spike and Mind Blast get better if you play cards like Shadowform and Chromatic Cloak. Shadow Word: Pain is a great Damage over time spell, and once you empty their hand a bit, start the clock. There are two ways to stop Omedus once he empties your hand. 1: Fill your hand up QUICK. 2: Kill him before he kills you. Choice 2 seems easier, but is Omedus forces you to get rid of your best cards, you're limited in ways to defeat him. Overall, an extremely solid card, and my favorite hero. I'm a Shadow Priest in the game, so I love Omedus!

Sealed: 2.50 - Even if you get lots of discard cards, you might not live long enough to use them. Oh, the woes of wearing cloth!

Constructed: 5.00 - He will PUNISH you unless you build a deck that rushes or is built to destroy him.

Casual: 5.00 - Shadow Priests are fun to play, and casual is all about fun!

Raid: 4.00 - He's the Horde priest, and priests heal. You need heals. And if you build the raid around making Onyxia discard her hand early, Omedus can put the game into Stage 3 fast.
Aganej2 Omedus The Punisher

This card is actually one of the most influential heroes out there, being as the cards put into this deck revolve from his ability and not the other way around. The theme that's around this guy is one of the oldest in card games period: discard. Making him a very strong deck, at least in the sense that you disrupt your opponent's strategy by killing their hand. The hitch lies in the fact that you opponent can still topdeck their answer/killer and that spells bad mojo for you. The plan with this guy is to have them become de-handed, then pop this guy for the finish.

Constructed: 4/5 (discard can beat decks that rely on hands)

Sealed: 3/5 (some of the better support cards in this can be lacking, but the opponent using their hand is still a form of discard)

Raid: 1/5 (quite ineffective, because ony's hand size is 10 and will always place a resource each turn)
Omedus the Punisher…

The first time I read this character’s effect, I thought it would become the most popular Hero card in the game. The support cards for priests include a lot of discard effects for your opponent. On top of destroying the opponent’s options, the Omedus player increases the amount of damage Omedus will do when he flips for his effect. Add to that 4 copies of Mias the Putrid, who makes the opponent discard when summoned, and it is a formidable amount of pain.

I faced an Omedus deck in draft, this weekend, and was thoroughly destroyed. It wasn’t just a loss, either. On round two, I got to a point where Omedus had field presence, was chewing my hand to nothing, and eventually flipped for 6 and game.

Draft: 4.0 – It all depends on what cards come out, but if you can put some gain-life support together for this guy, you are in business.

Constructed: 4.5 – I haven’t put the deck together, but think it is one of the better constructs. Hand destruction dominated the last game I played.

Raid: 2.0 – Omedus’s effect will probably be useless against Onyxia. The dragon’s hand size and draw power are just too much. But his support cards that provide sustained damage, ability destruction, and healing still make him a good support character. Just don’t plan on being the star player. Let a hunter pummel the dragon while Omedus absorbs her wrath.

ygofan Today we review Omedus The Punisher a Horde Priest.

Now Im gonna tell you right now this will be a short review I don't feel there is much to say about this hero.

His class doe's have some very good discard effects and I really think the dark priest deck is a very strong choice but let's talk about Omedus.

His effect is very nice for only 3 resources he deals 7 minus the number of cards in your opponents hand which is very good.

So if he's got 0 cards Omedus doe's 7 and so on and so forth so Id say he is

one of the better heroes.

Constructed 4.5

Sealed 5(Beacuse most of the priest really good cards are low rarity this is

a great hero to pull)

Raid 4




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