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Card of the Day


(6), [Activate], Concede the game >>> Players can keep any of their equipment and start the next game with those cards in play.

Card Number - 305

Card Rating:

Sealed: 1
Constructed: 2.5
Casual: 3.75
Raid: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.07.06

ygofan Today we review Hearthstone a item that can be used by any class and its effect is pretty simple pay 6 concede the game and players can keep there equipment in play for game 2.

The problem with this card is your deck has basically got to be based around it and that right there is why it's not that playable and the reason is that if your deck is meant to concede the first game so you can crush your opponent in the 2nd game how do you win the third?

And I don't really have a answer for that if your deck is built around this card you will most likeley always go to game three but you will probaly never win game 3.

This card is meant best for warrior's or paladin's beacuse of there heavy equipment but still you very rareley will win a match and that is what this games about.

Constructed 2 (even if your deck is built for it its bad this might even be

Casual 3.5 ( in casual it might not matter if you win or lose making it a fun card)
Joe Hearthstone

Let me just say, I'm not a fan of this card. True to the MMORPG, it takes you back to your starting place, but in the card game, you just lost a game.

Well, let's see. In tournaments you can use it if you're a Rogue, Hunter, Warrior, or Paladin if the first game starts to go sour, and then crush them in the second game, but how do you win on game three? You probably don't. Casually, though, this is awesome. I'm a casual player, and I think this card is awesome! When I play with my brother or my friends, we play for fun, and I like to imagine the battleground the game is taking place in. If the opponent is winning and their's no chance we can beat them, well, we're gonna use our hearthstone! That way at least I win the next game! This card doesn't belong in a tournament scene, it belongs on the coffee table.

Sealed: 1.00 - This isn't good here.

Constructed: 1.00 - Don't play this, please. If someone makes a deck that can consistently win with Hearthstone, try it, I just don't think it'll happen.

Casual: 4.00 - Here's where it shines. If you're playing for fun and you're losing, concede. Then the next game you get to taunt your friend the whole time, "So...it's turn one and I'm already swinging with my Krol Blade...yeah...you might not win..."

Raid: 1.00 - The point of the raid is to beat Onyxia, not to lose. I'm not sure how hearthstone works with the raid; it either makes the raid really easy, or you can't use it. Personally, it's going to be banned in our raid groups.

If I made a Paladin deck, this would be an auto 4 of for flavor reasons...haha.
Aganej2 Hearthstone-

This card is very 50/50... I would shy away from it personally because the opponent will get more things than I would: a game win and all the equipment he or she already had. This isn't something worth playing if you are looking at those sorts of drawbacks. To play devil's advocate, you could be a paladin deck (a very heavy equipment style deck) and this would be a big plus for you because for the first game all you'd need to do is plop down all your nice equipment but you realize you'll lose, you activate this guy and you basically win the next game. In that sense, knowing you are going to lose, this card gets just a little better.

Sealed: 1/5 (you wont have that much good equipment to be worth it, not to mention its an epic)

Constructed: 2.5/5 (again a 50/50 and only as a last ditch effort)

Raid: 1/5 (no...)
pwn1sher Hearthstone
6, "Tap", Concede the game --> Players can keep any of their equipment and start the next game with those cards in play.

This is an extremely difficult card to review simply because I cant seem to find a use for it... I suppose if you're playing a warrior or palladin or maybe rogue who absolutely needs their weapon / armor out to win this could be handy, but there is no way this card will ever be helpful in a tournament. If you happen to have an arcanite reaper out along with some armor and your LOSING with all that out, then playing this card will almost definitely result in a future a win. But besides situations like that, there is no reason whatsoever to run this card in your deck.

Constructed: 1.5/5
Sealed: 1/5
Raid: 1/5
Hearthstone sounds like something for someone in love with equipment. If you’ve got a heavily equipped hero, this card is for you. By turn 6, you should have some idea whether you’re winning or hopeless. If you’re winning, set the stone as a resource. If your losing, bring it out, and hope you can survive another turn. Maybe you’ll start out the next round with an equipped hero and defenseless opponent. Just remember to switch it out for something useful on round three. And please…don’t play it in a raid deck.

Sealed: 0.0/1.5 – Are there rounds in your local sealed event? If no, 0.0. If yes, 1.5. On top of opening this card, you’d have to pull weapons, too. And they’d have to be out at the right time.

Constructed: 3.0 – You can’t just throw this into any deck, and expect it to provide a second or third round advantage. But if played in an equipment heavy deck, you could change your strategy from going down swinging, to coming out swinging.

Lazy Peon: 0.0 – No Epic cards allowed.

Raid: 0.0 – There is no next round.



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