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Card of the Day

Adept Breton

(3), [Activate] >>> Adept Breton deals 1 arcane damage to each opposing hero and ally.

Card Number - 174

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.5
Constructed: 2.125
Casual: 1.5
Raid: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.06.06

ygofan Today we review Adept Breton a Human Mage.

Adept Breton is a 2 Cost 1/1 making him not a very good invetsment his ability is pretty good but you need 3 resources and you have to exhaust him and you can't use his ability until the turn after you play him and with his

aforementioned stat's he most likely won last that long since people won't want you to be able to use his power but before we totally discard him lets look at his ability.

His ability is deal 1 arcane damage to each oppossing Hero and Ally which is

very good if your versing a rush deck there low Health will let you pick them apart with this guy he is basically a smaller Acolyte Demia with worse stat's and a worse cost making him not really that playable but if you use cards that can protect him so he has enough time to use his effect he is pretty good but that would have to be a control/stall deck and even so there

is better options if he would have elusive like some of the other Alliance Ally's he might be more playable but since he does not I can't give him my nodd of approvale sorry my Casting friend but I say no anyway here is my review.

Constructed 2
Sealed 2.5
Onyxia 3
Lazy Peon 2.5
Joe Adept Breton

He looks angry, and your opponent will too if you can activate his ability.

Let me say that I love his art. Other than that, Adept Breton is a 1/1 for 2, which isn't good, but his ability is very nice. If you can activate him, he can dish out lots of damage, especially if he survives a few turns. Unfortunately, your opponent will try his best to not let that happen. On his own, Breton is much to fragile to do much, and is best in a deck with a few allies with protector. Now if this guy had evasive...

Sealed: 2.50 - He's probably better in sealed because he's reusable removal. Removal is a blessing, and as long as he's on the board, he will do his best to keep the opponents off of it.

Constructed: 1.00 - There are better choices. Breton will die before he can get used most of the time.

Casual: 1.50 - If you built a deck with a bunch of protectors, he can be ok at wiping your opponent's side of the board. Other than than, not so good.

Raid: 1.00 - Onyxia might not even bother with this guy, but there's a reason for that. He's too mana-intensive to use turn after turn against her. It's just not that effective really.

Oh adapt Breton, get some evasion...
Aganej2 Adept Breton

Oh wow, I really like this guy. I am a big magic player and I know the value of good mass removal, especially coming up against swarms of smaller creatures. This guy would be used frequently for early crowd control, and because he's alliance he's got some of the best protectors in the game to help back up his very weak health. He would need support and he's not a punch card to help wrap up the game but he comes in handy against some smaller and more annoying hord creatures like Voss. The fact that this guy can hit more than one target and have no retaliation as far as damage goes using his effect is marvelous. He just needs support and enough mana to make sure he can run.

Sealed: 4/5 ( <3 mass removal in sealed)

Constructed: 3.5/5 (needs to have mana set aside for his effect and a protector)

Raid: 4/5 (whelps die by the dozen)
Ruichi Adept Breton

Hello iam Ruichi and today we have Adept Breton

Sure he cost 2 sure he only dose 1 damage and only has 1 health
but if you have a great protecter (iam looking at you Graccus and Warrax)
for 3 cost he dose 1 AOE (area of effect) damage to each opposing hero
and ally every trun. Yeah it only 1 but that can finish allys with low life or just set them up
for the kill. Just hitting the hero is plus.

Sealed:2 (when i open a pack theres always atleast 1 protecter ...its just not always the right faction)
Constructed:2 (altho i said he is a great card there are better damage dealers)
Raid:4 (OK now here he shines like a star, trashing all those little 1/1 babys)


Hello iam Ruichi and today we have Hearthstone

6 to play and 6 to use, i don't like it but ...i play it.
its one of those cards you keep in you hand JUST INCASE.
The way i see it if your gonna lost might as well keep something.

Sealed:1 (if i was in a draft id skip it)
Constructed:3 (got to learn when to use)
Raid:1 (only because i cann't give it a zero)

Forrbidden Knowledge

Hello iam Ruichi and today we have Forbidden Knowledge

IMO best card in the game if you have Blueleaf Tubers for back up.
At any point in the game if you would draw a card take a card removed
from play and put in into your hand. Oh man i could sure use a protecter.
OH and here it is. OH man i need a Shadow Bolt OMG here it is again.
If you play a Warlock deck this is a staple along with Blueleaf Tubers because
1 brun away and the game is over.

seal:1 ( Hard to pay the cost to play and brunaway is a common)
Constructed:5 (Best warlock card ever)
Raid:5 (Shadow bolts and cruses everywhere)
Adept Breton has his place, and it’s not in your standard deck. With a recruiting cost of 2, and having to wait until a turn has passed to activate his effect, and an effect cost of 3, the best you could hope for is a round 2 drop, then round three effect. Sadly, between round 2 and three, your opponent will probably squash Adept Breton and his 1 health point.

The best place for Adept Breton is in a raid deck – and not the priest!! Right now, all we have to raid against is Onyxia. And the good Onyxia player will take out your healer first. The same good Onyxia player might take a break from chewing up your healer to destroy Adept Breton, rather than lose a swarm of Whelps to his effect. The trick is, again, how do you keep him out? The bright side is, at least it may distract the dragon.

Sealed: 3.0 – Not bad in sealed, if you can combo up with some protectors.

Constructed: 1.5 – Mages might get a lot of use out of this guy with frost bolts and frost novas to back him up. But if you can’t protect him, forget him.

Raid: 4.0 – Adept Bait! He’s a whelp crusher, and decoy to protect your healer.
pwn1sher Hey guys my name's Sean but you can call me pwn1sher. I've been playing video games since birth, but WoW is the first tcg i've ever played seriously. I currently play a horde shaman deck, but I also run an alliance mage, and am currently building an alliance warlock. Here's my review for:

Adept Breton.
Alliance Ally - human mage
2 cost 1atk 1hp
pay 3, tap --> Adept Breton deals 1 arcane damage to each opposing hero and ally.
Uncommon rarity

Adept Breton is essentially a walking ability. The ally itself is useless, but the attached ability can be quite handy. Because the card is so cheap to play, the card can be handy earlier on in the game, especially against rush decks. The ability would also be nice to use during your opponents turn, possibly killing an ally with ferocity (Vesh'ral, perhaps?)

But despite the positive aspects of the card, the negatives of this card may overwhelm it's positives in certain decks. The cards biggest flaw is it's health; it is likely that the card will be destroyed shortly after it enters play, making it a risky card to play. Also, the cards ability is fairly expensive to activate, and could prevent the player from playing other cards.

Does the card have its uses? Sure. Would i run 4 of them in my new alliance deck? Probably not.




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