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Card of the Day


(1), Flip Elendril >>> Your Ranged weapons have +3 ATK this turn.

Card Number - 3

Card Rating:

Sealed: 2.16
Constructed: 3.66
Casual: 3.25
Raid: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst.
3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 12.05.06

ygofan Elendril

Hello this is ygofan and im back with another review enjoy.

And today we have Elendril to review a Hero for one of the most promising
decks in this game so far let's take a look.

Elendril is a Alliance Hunter so right away you can tell this guy is gonna
be hitting a lot of tables with all the pet's the
Hunter class has Bloodclaw,Fury,Old Bones and all the good Alliance Ally's
Hunters are a top pick for tournament wins plus
they are great in Lazy Peon and regular Constructed making them a force to
be reckoned with everywhere you go plus with the
nice a few nice ability's like Multi Shot,Eagle Eya,Arcane Shot the Hunter's are scary the only problem is were reviewing
Elendril not the Hunter deck so let's talk about the Hero and not his army.

Elendril has 28 Health making him 2nd place in Health amongst Heroes so were
off to a good start but now lets talk about
his ability.

Pay 1 flip Elendril your ranged weapons have plus 3 Atk this turn so right
now were looking good cheap cost decent effect
but the only thing is most people don't use ranged weapons in Hunter decks
most people use Krol Blade and for good reason
so usually his ability is not important so if you look at it this way 28

Health and is leader to one of the best classes he is
great Hero but if your judging a hero by Health and ability and I believe
that is the way you should grade Heroes.

Beacuse you got to realize were reviewing the Hero itself not the Heroes
deck now with that in mind here is my review for


All Formats 2 (beacuse im rating the card not the deck I give the same
rating to all Formats)

See you soon


Hey, I'm Joe, and I'm pretty new to this Card of the Day thing. Let's see, well, I've played Magic: The Gathering competitively since Mirrodin Block, a few other card games here and there, and I got World of Warcraft at release. I've got a 60 Shaman and 60 Priest, but I don't play anymore because of school. But the card game looks promising!

Elendril, I love the art, just looking into the sunrise, ready to track his prey, and he's got an interesting power. Every turn for 1 resource you get +3 attack to all your ranged weapons. Too bad there aren't many ranged weapons, the only one you will probably use is Ancient Bone Bone, and it's difficult to attack with Elendril more than once a turn, it's pretty limited in usefulness. But once you get that Bow out, he either puts the opponent on a 5-6 turn clock if they're at full health, or he starts destroying their allies. Not many allies can take 5 damage and live, and the ones that can won't survive long anyway.

If you're playing Elendril, Ancient Bone Bow is a 4 of, and so is the quest Big Game Hunter, you need that Bow out as fast as possible. As far as hunter abilities go, you've got a nice finisher with Aimed Shot if Elendril can't finish the job. I personally also really like Ravenous Bite, because combat tricks can and will win you games.

Sealed: 1.50 - You need Ranged weapons to make this guy work, in sealed that's tough to do.

Constructed: 4.50 - Elendril can rip through your opponents hero if you build the deck right. He's won tounraments, and for good reasons. He's good, and he's got a great array of abilities.

Casual: 4.50 - Casual is a fun format, and my personal favorite. Elendril has a lot of good cards for his deck, plus he's fun to play. Imagine it, you're hunting your opponent from far away, when he finds out, it's too late!

Raid: 3.00- Not quite sure yet how good elendril could be in raids. The Horde hunter is probably better, because he relies less on weapons(Onyxia likes to destroy them) and can bring his dead pets back(Onyxia likes making things dead, too). He has some nice elusive allies though, and with marked for death can dish out some nice damage with those guys.

Well, that's it, hope you liked my review, I'll be back for the rest of the week.
Aganej2 Elendril

This is an extremely strong deck, but note its a deck and not a card. The flip ability is miniscule just because there arent enough ranged weapons, matter of fact there is only one: Ancient Bone Bow. The deck is naturally a rush deck, with maybe a splash of combo with Devilsaur Leggings. As individuals heroes go this one is the most popular, at least looking at theme deck pricing and constructed tournament reports. His life is fairly beefy, so he can take a hit for a bit. The theme for this guy is to more or less be beatdown with minor tricks like Ravenous Bite. What I notice however is that the major support cards for this guy, (Fury, Bone Bow, and such) are rares and not likely to come up for sealed. So things may get hairy if you stick to this guy in sealed. Overall nice hero and nice deck.

Sealed: 3/5
Constructed: 4.5/5
Raid: Tough call because a strict beater without support will die quickly 2.5/5
Hello all, I’m another new recruit for the World of Warcraft Card of the Day series. I’ve had a 6 year history with cards that began with Yu-Gi-Oh on year 2 as a cure for playing poker too much. And I still love that stupid game. But it’s time to branch out, and with WOW I never have to worry about being ‘Mana Screwed’. I’m no authority on this game, yet, but have triumphed over Onyxia once, and think that relates to some insight. In any case, always feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

So Elendril… The hard part about rating a Hero Card is that it’s not just the card that needs rating, but all the support cards the Hero has access to. Then there’s different builds. I keep hearing that Elendril is ideal for a weenie swarm/rush build. But I just don’t see it. Aside from Fury, the other ferocious allies are horde. Alliance Allys have to accumulate, before playing Marked for death, and crushing foes.

Elendril’s effect is cheap to activate, and can combo with other ranged weapon damage, or allys that cause ranged damage. So recruit wisely.

What appeals to me is the strength of Elendril’s draw/searching power though cards such as Arcane Shot and Eagle Eye. That’s 8 cards (when played in 4’s) that give you another card. And Eagle Eye lets you choose from 4 you draw. Add four Zapped Giants, and by round 3, you have raised the odds of drawing whatever it is you wanted, considerably. At this point, I’d throw in some protectors and weapons to reach for with that digging. And there are lots of weapons available to hunters. Krohl blade and, of course Ancient Bone Bow are great choices. And if you can get one, then either Arcnite Reaper or Lord Alexandar’s Ax will be a happy hitter every round.

Sealed: 2.0 – I haven’t played sealed, yet, but would think it’s easy to find some weapon Elendril could use, and enough support to make a go of it.

Constructed: 4.0 – Obviously, this Hero has been in winning deck builds. But the Horde Hunter does it better.

Raid: 3.0 – Allies don’t last long with Onyxia. So Fury is about the only pet worth playing. 5 point hits are fairly good support, though. Aside from that, you could probably shoot the dragon three or four times before she finished off your priest, and came after the hunter.



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