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Ghost Rider - Johnny Blaze

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 01.31.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Ghost Rider – Johnny Blaze


Well this week we are going to give our take on some cards that everyone has probably already seen previewed on other websites.  To start let’s take a look at Ghost Rider – Johnny Blaze.


On the surface this character almost seems sub-par.  As a 10/12 6 drop with range, Ghost Rider isn’t exactly stellar.  However, once you look closer at this character, you can immediately see the true potential this character has.  You see Ghost Rider gets +2 ATK while you control fewer characters than an opponent, Ghost Rider gets an additional +2 ATK while you have fewer cards in your hand than an opponent, and Ghost Rider gets another +2 ATK while you have less endurance than an opponent.  That means that on turn six you could conceivably have a 16/12 character with range running amuck all over the field.  Now that is impressive!  Any time you can have a character that could rival or beat many 7-drops on the field; you have a great opportunity to turn the game in your favor….and considering how late in the game this character drops – he could possibly provide you a win.  Even the downside to this card (having to be in a worse position than your opponent) isn’t as bad as it seems.  Remember many times a win or a loss can be determined in a well thought out turn.


Bottom line – Unless you are FAR ahead of your opponent, this card is never a bad idea for play.



Marvel Knights constructed deck – 3.5/5.0 ….I am not sure how this card is going to stack up against the other 6-drops, but I feel that it is a great card that is easy to obtain.


Limited – 4.5/5.0 ….This card is excellent for this format.  


Johnny Blaze
Ghost Rider <> Johnny Blaze – This week we are going to be reviewing some Marvel Knights cards and the first card I’ve been waiting a long time for. lol

The original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze. This card is very interesting for the fact that it has 3 in game conditions that if are met, can provide a huge boost to Mr. Blaze. The downside to that is that for each 3 game conditions that are met, most likely means that you are losing and the extra +6 to ATK wont help that much.

Another note on this card is that his range most likely comes from his the fact that he rides on a mystical Motorcycle.
How else can UDE explain that Spider-man was given no range with his Web shooters but Ghost Rider gets range with his chain? lol

Constructed: 3/5 – Verdict is still out on Marvel Knights but as one of their only 6 drops you have no choice but to choose me to play in your deck.

Limited: 3/5 – How can I score my card low? Most likely you will meet one of these conditions to get his ATK to an avg. 12 for a 6 drop. If your opponent does miss their 6 drop and you can fulfill all 3 requirements, that may have just won you the game as you are getting a +6 ATK boost. As a common you will be seeing a lot of Blaze to go around.

BTW, anyone with an abundance of these common Johnny Blaze cards please feel free to send them to me as I will be working on a project to unveil at future VS. events that I attend.
Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze

Whee!!! We get to join in on the preview-y goodness this week, as we tackle three cards from the new Marvek Knights set. If you're going to a sneak preview event this coming weekend (I'm going!), then pay close attention, because you're sure to see these cards in play.

Ghost Rider is an interesting card, because the worse you're doing, the better he can be. 10/12 for a 6 drop is slightly underpowered, but he can pump all the way up to 16/12 if you meet his three conditions. +2 for having fewer characters is nice if you miss a drop or get Finishing Move sprung on you. +2 for having fewer cards isn't as nice, unless your opponent is running a lot of card drawing effects. The extra 2 points of attack isn't worth bad hand management, although if your hand sizes are equal, playing a pump from hand will have an extra kick. +2 for having less endurance helps a lot, especially if you don't have the initiative and you take a hefty dose of breakthrough. Range is nice, you can park him in the support row and wait for your opponent to help you trigger one or more of his +2 modifiers. Without having seen the whole set, I can't really say how effective he is versus other 6 drops, but he'll probably be worth throwing a couple of copies in.

In Limited, he'll be a bomb. You're more likely to miss drops in this format, so if you're losing the board advantage battle, you'll at least have a 12/12 to look forward to, and probably a 14/12 since you'll be taking some extra damage in those early turns. No loyalty makes him a great card to splash, and if I open one up on Saturday, I'm almost positive he'll make the cut for my deck.


Constructed - 3/4
Limited - 3.5/5
Without Victory, there is no survival...


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