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 - Power Conduit

Superman: MoS

Date Reviewed: 01.26.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Charger - Power Conduit
Today we are going to take a look at a brand new card for all those Fearsome Five fans out there - Charger.
Charger is actually pretty decent considering he is F5.  He is no Mammoth by any stetch of the imagination, but I actually believe this guy can hold his own.  You see this character is a 4/3 3-drop with a cosmic ability that gives him a +1/+1.  Basically that makes him a 5/4 3-drop which isn't bad at all.  However you have to appreciate his ability to remove his cosmic counter to give him a +3/+3 for the turn.  Personally I would try to hang on to this guy until turn 4 then use his ability to try to take out your opponent's 4-drop.  Since he has range, you can even hide him out in the support row so that you can try to knock off an opponent's character on turn 3.  The great thing about him is that your opponent never knows when you are going to pull off his effect, which may make them a little wary of attacking him. 
Bottom line - This card is a decent 3-drop for F5.  I would play him turn 3, saving him until turn 4 and bring out Mammoth on turn 4.  Then I would kick butt on turn 4 (and pray on turn 5).
FF constructed deck - 3.0/5.0 ....He is no Mammoth, but then again he doesn't have to be.
Limited - 3.75/5.0 ....This card gives you the potential to be very effective in this format since he has range, a great cosmic ability, and is otherwise solid.

Johnny Blaze
Charger First I must say that the holo version of Charger is just so awesome looking with all of the lighting surrounding him. With that said Charger is also a very playable card. Charger sports Range and when he comes into play he will be a 5/4 with his Cosmic counter on him.

Charger also has the ability to most likely be a 7/4 which is huge as a 3 drop. I say most likely because there are a couple of tricks that can take off Cosmic counters but more than likely for that turn Charger will be 7/4. Just remember that for his pump to work you have to remove his Cosmic Counter yourself.

Constructed: - 4/5 Both 3 drops for the Fearsome 5 are huge and both have their liabilities. I would much rather use Charger over Mammoth. Of course in a team-up deck Charger can also be used as your 3 drop. If you play Charger in a deck that can continuously place Cosmic counters then you can benefit from a 7/4 as your 3 drop every turn.

Limited: 4/5 With no loyalty issues Charger is a very playable 3 drop in draft. As a matter of fact he is also a very playable 4 drop for you if you miss your 4 drop. The Cosmic ability to make Charger 7/4 is very versatile and Charger is a great character to have on your team.
Charger, Power Conduit

Well, if you're one of the three guys running Fearsome Five, here's something for you. Charger is a nice little 3 drop depending on how you play him. Alone, he's an average 3 drop. With his Cosmic counter, he's a beefier 3 drop. When you remove his counter, he becomes a gigantic 3 drop, able to take down just about any 3 drop in the game, and many of the 4 drops.
Versatility is good, so that's a point in his favor.
It also gives you an alternate to running Mammoth in your 3 drop slot, or if you still have Mammoth on the field and are stuck playing your third turn again, he becomes a nice compliment to Mr. Flinders. He's got two drawbacks; he's Fearsome Five, and once he loses his counter, he becomes a liability. Still, if you're determined to run Fearsome Five, go ahead and stick a couple of copies in your deck. If you run a couple of Mother Boxes, you can put the counter back on him relatively cheaply.

In Limited, you only have a few F5 characters to choose from, especially if it's a Man of Steel event.
Throwing him out as a one shot blast for extra endurance, or even taking out a weak 4 drop with his effet is about as much usefulness as you're going to get from this guy. However, if you get one or two copies of him and a Mother Box, it might be worth putting him in since you'll have a way to replenish his Cosmic counter. Still, you won't be able to team attack with this guy, not unless you want to waste a Metropolis on a team up on an affiliation with only two characters in the set.


Constructed - 2.5/5
Limited (MOS) - 2/5
Limited (Mixed) - 2/5
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