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Phantom Zone

Superman: MoS

Date Reviewed: 01.10.05

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

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Phantom Zone
Personally, I think this card is a super addition (no pun intended) for any Superman or Revenge Squad deck.  It may have a limited effect against most of the teams out there, but where it shines is against any Teen Titans variation.  See, you flip this after Garth designates his target in the KO'd pile, activate it to remove the selected card from play, and your opponent will still pay his 3 endurace ending up with nothing in return. 
Maybe you're up against a Fantastic Toys deck and Marvel's First Family is being played.  Activate this and maybe even replace it to remove their equip cards from the game, thereby negating First Family's effect completely, because we all know you MUST have an equipment card in the KO'd pile to even activate it.
Let's not forget the headaches you can give your opponent if they run Avalon Space Station or Starfire.  Then there is always Salvage, the 8-drop Doom, etc.....Basically this is a great card (I would run at least 2).
TS or RS constructed deck - 3.5/5.0 ....It can be a situational card depending on what you come up against.
Limited - 1.5/5.0 ....This card is not very effective in this format.
Phantom Zone

I'm really liking the locations in the Superman set, and this is one that will definitely make its presence known very soon. Three of the dominant decks coming out of PC-LA were Teen Titans, X-Stall (Going Rogue), and Curve Sentinels. Phantom Zone won't shut these decks down alone, but it will throw a serious wrench in the works. Being able to remove cards in the KO'd pile from the game is a new ability, and one that will be used over and over again against these decks.

X-Stall needs Jean Grey in the KO'd pile in order to recruit Phoenix Force, Curve Sentinels relies on grabbing fallen Sentinals with Reconstruction Program and a boosted Tri-Sentinel to feed to Bastion, and Teen Titans won't be able to use Garth to fetch plot twists and characters from the KO'd pile. Granted, all three of these decks have ways to win without specific cards being in the KO'd pile, but it does limit their options quite a bit, and getting these decks off of their gameplan is often going to be the only way to take them down. Phantom Zone is double team-stamped, but the two teams are Team Superman and Revenge Squad, two teams that have yet to see major play in a high level event. It'll be interesting to see how much those two teams show up at 10K New Jersey, and whether Phantom Zone makes an appearance in those decks. It's definitely a card that'a designed for the metagame, and if the opponent isn't playing with any recursion, then you can flip it and replace it with something else. It's definitely a card that will make players seriously consider Team Superman or Revenge Squad when building a deck.

In Limited, there's a better chance of you playing with Team Superman or Revenge Squad characters, but not a lot of recursion to worry about, limiting its usefulness. Unless you're really worried about someone with multiple copies of Path of Destruction, I wouldn't grab this card. In a mixed event, the odds of someone grabbing a Garth are slim, and not worth spending a pick on this card just to counter.


Constructed - 4/5
Limited (MOS) - 1/5
Limited (Mixed) - 1.5/5
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