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Barbara Gordon
Oracle, Information Network

DC  Origins

Date Reviewed: 9.02.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.56
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Barbara Gordon <>Oracle – Information Network


Continuing with this week’s theme we move onto a popular draw card for GK, Barbara Gordon.


I have mixed feeling when it comes to this card.  I have tried playing this card several times in my GK deck, in order to increase my draw power, and each time I have found that this card was lacking.  Having to reveal another GK character when I recruit her is not a problem, but only being able to use her draw effect during the recovery phase is.  Another problem that I have found with this card is the fact that you can only use her first effect (Pay 1 resource point to draw a card) once per turn.  Whenever, I recruited her later in the game so that I could use this effect, I ended up having a liability on the field.  It never failed that my opponent would do everything in their power to stun her just so that I could not draw another card (This usually resulted in a large amount of BEL).  In the end I took her out of my deck in favor of Catwoman since Catwoman was less of a liability.



GK Constructed deck – 2.5/5.0 …There are much better GK characters that have draw power…


Limited – 2.0/5.0 ….Drawing a card is nice, but you need to get more GK characters so that you can play her…and remember she is still a liability.


Johnny Blaze Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Information Network- This is what happens after you mess with The Joker. The original Batgirl confined to a wheelchair. Oracle is now much older and a lot wiser. As a result, her main emphasis is battling through technology. I wish this was represented by having some type of ability to get equipment into play faster, but alas it is dealing with card draw.

Constructed: 2/5 – Drawing extra cards is always good but is it really worth it to pay 1 resource point to do so? I don’t think so. Or you can always activate and then wait until the recovery phase in order to draw a card. Problem is the majority of 2 drops will be able to stun Oracle before this can happen. Plus you have to have a GK character in your hand to recruit.

Limited: 2/5 – Like I said extra draw is always good but most of the time it comes as a price. And Oracle’s price is not really worth it. You also have to reveal a GK character to recruit Oracle.
Today we have a card that almost rewards you for missing a drop. This card is the lynchpin in GK beatdown decks, her job is to fill up your hand in preparation for 7 drop Batman. With the potential to let you draw two extra cards per turn, Barbara Gordon is a key component of this type of deck. She combos nicely with Clocktower (and she's her house), although her stats mean she won't be doing any attacking any time soon. Still, GK doesn't have a ton of good options at the 2 slot, and extra cards are always welcome.

In Limited, you shouldn't have much of a problem getting her on the field, and the lack of a serious offensive threat is worth the hand advantage you'll have on your opponent. You're more likely to have a leftover resource point in this format, and being able to convert one into a card can give you a serious leg up on your opponent.


Constructed - 3.75/5
Limited - 3.5/5
Paul Hagan Barbara Gordon * Oracle, Information Network --

I'm not a huge fan of Barbara Gordon. She draws cards, yes, but only for the cost of a resource point *or* if she hangs around until your recovery phase. I'm not a fan of making 1/2s on Turn 2, just because if your opponent has a 2-Drop, it will almost always be bigger and able to stun Barbara Gordon. If you are playing Gotham Knights, I would suggest running a lot of Tim Drake * Robin, The Boy Wonder over Gordon every time.

In limited, I'm weary of playing Oracle, just because you do have to reveal a card to put her into play, *AND* she is still small. However, I do like drawing cards a lot more in limited than constructed, making her a slightly better option.

Constructed Rating: 2.0
Limited Rating: 2.5
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