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Nice Try

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 10.01.04

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
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Nice Try

I don't like this one bit. Spider Friends will have to be good to use it, and even then, it doesn't stop enough things to be useful. How many Plot Twists REALLY target your stuff? Overload. That's about it.

Even in limited, I'd play it if I was short slots, but it's not that good.

Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 3



Nice Try!


Looks like we are going to end the week with an interesting plot twist for all you Spider-Friends fans out there.  Nice try is a great way to stop plot twists such as Overload, Finishing Move, etc….as well as all those evil payment effects out there that could put a serious hurt on your spider-friends characters.  You may not have room for four of these cards in your spider-friends deck, but adding a couple definitely couldn’t hurt. 


Bottom line:  This is a decent card for a mono spider-friends deck, but it may get cut due to lack of room in a spider-friends variation deck.



Spider-Friends Constructed deck – 3.5/5.0 ….I would run 3 of these cards in a spider-friends deck.


Limited – 2.0/5.0 …You don’t have as many targeting plot twists and payment effects that can affect you in this format…not to mention the fact that you need quite a few SF characters to make this card worth while.


Johnny Blaze
Nice Try

Oh boy here we go. A must have card in a Spider-friends theme deck. I see this as an equal to or better than Fizzle for Gotham Knights. You see not only can you negate a plot twist but you can also negate an ongoing plot twist or a payment effect that targets a Spider Friends character that you control. And you get all of this for the very low cost of 2 resources. Look at all the possibilities here people no more Savage Beatdowns, you can even Nice Try their Fizzles, etc. etc.

This game is getting more and more like Magic with each new expansion. Just think about it MSM brings us a new mechanic in Evasion. Magic has new mechanics introduced in their new sets. Magic has Instants and now VS. has their version of counters with cards like Fizzle or Nice Try.

Constructed: 4/5 – Again a team specific card but if you are running Spider friends then this is a must have staple in any Spider Friends deck

Limited: 3/5 - Countering your opponent’s major Plot Twist that they spent all that time drafting is just so sweet. Most likely you will only be doing it 1 time because how many Nice Try’s do you expect to draft?
There are too many bad puns to be made with today's card, so I'm going to be strong and not make any of them. On the surface, this looks like a great card; a free Fizzle for Spider Friends. However, it only negates effects that target your guys. It won't do squat against your opponent's Savage Beatdowns and Acrobatic Dodges. There just aren't enough plot twists or payment powers in the meta right now to justify a slot for this card. This would have been a popular uncommon, but instead its a bad rare.

In Limited, don't bother. There will almost always be a better card available when the pack comes to you.
If you manage to get an almost exclusively Spider Friends deck together, it might be worth sticking in, but there's a dozen other rares i'd rather see than this one.


Constructed - 1.5/5
Limited - 1.75/5
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