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Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 11.05.04

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

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What better way to beef up your non-affiliated deck than to include the only non-affiliated location in the game.  Mojoverse is a staple card for any non-affiliated deck since it gives all non-affiliated characters a +1/+1.  The great thing about this card is that you can now put affiliated characters into your non-affiliated deck without having to worry about Mojo’s boost ability (because we all know we can’t have non-affiliated deck without running 4 Mojos).  This means you will have less sucky characters to deal with and a boosted Mojo…what more could you want?



Non-affiliated constructed deck – 5.0/5.0 ….Yep, it’s a staple alright.


Limited – 3.5/5.0 ….This card is great in this format since it allows you to give any character a +1/+1 boost.

Johnny Blaze
Mojoverse – At 1st glance one might think that this location is made for a non-team affiliated deck. But with further playtesting, I have found this Location to be useful for pumping up any character +1/+1. Of course the downside of using this is on a team affiliated character is that they just lost that Team Affiliation for the turn.

Constructed: 2/5 – Most likely you will have better ways of pumping up your Team Affiliated characters than to waste losing a Team Affiliation for a +1/+1. In this instance this is a Location made for a non-team affiliated deck. I find better uses for this location in draft.

Limited: 4/5 – This is a location that can really surprise your opponent and even make your opponents attacker waste an attack. If that happens, that can usually provide you the advantage in a game. Like I said before this Location can really work wonders in draft. It can give a surprise +1/+1 to one of your Team Affiliated character with the downside of that character losing its Team Affiliation.

(I'll be playing in the 10K at Wizard World Texas this weekend, come by and say hi.)

Well, if you're going to play an unaffiliated deck, you might as well pack a few of this guy in there.
+1/+1 is going to help a lot more in the early game,
Lady Vic and Wildebeest especially. Being able to remove team affiliations from one of your characters is a marginal ability, although it would help if you were splashing a big guy, and then could remove its team for Mojo's bonus, or to help recruit Deathstroke.
Still, Murderworld is a better location for this kind of a deck, you'll need to save your spaces for Crowd Control and Burn Rubber, etc.

In Limited, this card just sucks. It's a convoluted way to give one of your guys +1/+1 at the expense of being able to reinforce it or use teamstamped plot twists on it. Just don't put it in your deck, you'll be a lot happier.
Paul Hagan Mojoverse --

I'm really diggin' this card. Not only does it give unaffiliated characters a (much needed) boost, it also allows you to do stuff like including an affiliated character in your unaffiliated deck, and reaping all of the benefits. This card is a must play if you are running an unaffiliated deck.

In limited, this card allows for some silly combat tricks, which warrants its place in almost any deck, especially in an environment like Web of Spider-Man's, where any pump spells are a second or third pick.

Constructed Rating: 3.0
Limited Rating: 3.5
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