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Mojo, Ruler of Mojoworld

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 11.04.04

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

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Mojo – Ruler of Mojoworld


Mojo is by far the reason why anyone in their right mind would even dream about building a non-affiliated deck.  Forget his opening stats…all you have to remember about this guy is that he gains +3 attack for every non-affiliated character you have on your side of the field.  Keep in mind that should you decide not to follow my advice on viability for non-affiliated decks (see King Snake) and you decide to make your own Mojo deck, that you better watch out for overload.  You would hate to get your Mojo up to a 15/7 (this is actually quite possible) only to have him overloaded.  That would be a shame….hehehehehe



Non-affiliated constructed deck – 5.0/5.0 …..Yes he is another staple for a non-affiliated deck


Limited – 1.5/5.0 ….Mojo is not so good in this format since you depend on having lots of non-affiliated characters on the field when he comes into play.


Johnny Blaze
Mojo – Mojo is one of those cards that needs a team built for. You see outright Mojo is nothing to write home about with only a 5 ATK & 7 DEF and no flight or range. But Mojo can increase his ATK stats by having more non-affiliated characters on your side. Mojo ATK boosts also works on the DEF end too.

So if you played it right Mojo should at least be an 8/7 on turn 4 and if you are really playing an insane Mojo deck, Mojo can be a 14/7 on turn 4. How does that work you ask? Easy just use Random Punks as your 1 drop and weenie rush Random Punks up until Turn 4 when Mojo comes out. So you will have 1 Punk out on Turn 1, 3 Punks out on Turn 2, and 6 Punks out on Turn 3 so that Mojo will have a 14 ATK on turn 4. Remember though this is just in theory because some of those Punks will get stunned. But you get the idea.

Constructed: 2/5 – Too dependant on keeping your other characters alive for Mojo’s ATK to really mean anything. Can be fun in the above mentioned scenario.

Limited: 2/5 – Again if you are drafting non-team affiliation which will be difficult, there will be much better 4 drops than Mojo to choose from.

Someday, someone crazy will pilot an unaffiliated deck to Top 8 at a major event. When they do, they'll be packing 4 copies of this guy. Play as many unaffilated characters as you can for 3 turns, then drop the biggest Mojo you can muster on turn 4 and start the beating. DC Origins had some decent unaffiliated characters, including Wildebeest, whose self-swarming ability helps to fuel the Mojo-machine.
Add Deathstroke at 7, and you're talking about some serious firepower. Unfortunately, no team affiliation means no reinforcement and no team attacks, so your opponent is going to be romping all over your field and there's close to nothing you can do about it.
Mojo's 7 DEF will get him stunned by just about anything your opponent has on the field, and since all they have to do is reinforce, and Mojo's gaudy bonuses won't mean squat. Playing unaffiliated requires way too many other support cards to keep you alive, and is just too unreliable.

In Limited, you'll see quite a few unaffiliated guys come your way, and you might even be tempted to take a couple. Don't be fooled, if Mojo is your best option at the 4 drop, you're toast. You might surprise someone and take a big swing at them, but he's getting taken out the next turn, when they whittle away your other unaffilateds, then take out your much smaller Mojo.

Constructed - 2/5
Limited - 1.5/5
Paul Hagan Mojo, Ruler of Mojoworld --

What makes unaffiliated decks really scary? This guy. Not Puppet Master, not Arcade, not Thunder or Lightning. This guy is what makes any unaffiliated deck truly frightening.

Mojo will consistantly be an 8/7, with a possibility of becoming an 11/7 or a 14/7 as the game wears on. If Sabretooth, Feral Rage does it, isn't Mojo almost as good?

For limited, Mojo may or may not make the cut into my deck, depending on how many unaffiliated characters I have in my pool. He's a decent 4-Drop, but not the end-all, be-all of 4-Drops.

Constructed Rating: 3.0
Limited Rating: 2.5
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