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Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 5.7.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.75
Limited Average Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


* Game Store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
I have a tendency to schedule good cards on Friday.  I guess it's the theory of ending the week with a bang and on a good note.

Oh, do we ever end on a good note here. :)

First of all, the card is designed for Brotherhood.  Even it's cost works to stay under the threshold for a New Brotherhood.  That deck, by the way, has a tendency to run through it's hand quickly, making it a prime target for refilling with Genosha.  Playing Magneto on turn 5, then whacking a Genosha to draw 4 cards is simply sick.  Right now, this is one of the 4, and maybe 3 hottest cards of the set for good reason.  Any deck can play it and abuse it.  It's just that good.

In limited, why not.  Play it, and if you need it in a crunch, you get 2 extra cards. Who can't use 2 extra cards in a pinch?

Constructed: 5
Limited: 4.5
Current Price: $17.33

* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
An intregral part of the Brotherhood deck, Genosha can give you a 5th resource that is sacrificable to take you back down to that critical level of 4 for your attack.  Drawing a lot of cards at that point can really boost the quality of what you play, and get you to the cards you need more quickly. In a pinch, it can be used without Magneto to improve your hand.
In limited, card draw is always welcome, and if you come across this in a draft, grab it.  If nothing else, it's a damn nice money rare.
Constructed: 4
Limited: 3

Judge Bill

*game store employee

One of the best ways to get ahead in any card game is drawing extra cards. This allows you to draw an extra turn's worth of cards no matter what deck you are playing; and, if you happen to be playing Magneto. you get two extra turns worth of cards. This will help you to get to your business spells faster, and thus, is a great card to have in any deck, constructed or limited.
Constructed: 5
Limited: 5
Paul Hagan
As of Origins, there are seven cards in the game that allow you to draw cards. Four are the team-up cards Mutant Nation, Unlikely Allies, Heroes United, and Common Enemy. Another, Primary Directives, is useful only in Sentinel decks. Likewise, Antarctic Research Base is only useful in Fantastic Four decks utilizing equipment (though that's not necessarily a bad thing). So six out of the seven cards are restricted to decks using specific teams.

Enter Genosha.

This card can go in any deck. It will always draw you two cards. You get an added bonus of two additional cards if you have Magneto hanging out somewhere on your board. Either way you go, though, two cards is two cards.

As for the loss of a resource, you just have to consider whether card advantage will make up for being a turn behind. Its usually a very simple call.

In limited, I would pick this card up, but because of the unique nature of limited in that missing a drop can be more devestating than in constructed, I also might let it slide for at least one rotation of the table.

Constructed Rating: 5.0

Limited Rating: 4.0




What to say about one of the best locations in the game other than card advantage is ALWAYS a good thing?


Worst case scenario you get to pop this baby on turn 4 to draw 2 cards. Granted youíre gona want to wait until turn five when your Magneto hits the table to draw 4 instead, but worst come to worst this card will draw you 2 cards.


I would say that a card that forces you to lose one resource to draw 2 cards is not that bad but when you give that card the ability to draw you 4 cards every turn itís just plain wrong, so all I got to say is when it comes to constructed isÖ


Genosha + Magneto + Salvage = 4.5 Rating

Itís not a 5 because Iím saving that only for staples (cards that go in EVERY deck)




I donít think this card is that bad in limited because youíre only gona have 1 instead of 4 and if youíre playing in a draft you better pull Magneto and this card because these 2 cards donít last too long in a draft. All in all card advantage is always good and we should never forget that.


Rating 4

    Drawing 2 cards may not seem like much in a game where you do so at the beginning of every turn, but although this effect would be much more powerful in many other card games it is still not too bad in Marvel Vs.  Now, drawing FOUR cards with Genosha is very powerful indeed.  Maybe even a bit too powerful.
    Because of its drawback of setting you back a turn when used, this card is not currently playable in the current tournament decks... except 1.  The deck in which it IS playable in, Genosha is pretty much required in order to play it.  I know I don't need to explain why Genosha is so good in New Brotherhood because if you're like me, you got tired of hearing the explanation of how the deck works after about the 100th time.  Anyways, Genosha is a staple in New Brotherhood and offers great potential in future sets.
    Great all around card to have and add to a deck, when you need your resources don't play it, the game will often last long enough for it to have a use at one point or another.  Probably not a first pick, but 3-6 sounds just about right.
Constructed Rating: 5/5 (in brotherhood)
Limited Rating: 3/5
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