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Power Compressor

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 5.20.04

Constructed Average Rating: 1.5
Limited Average Rating: 1.0

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Paul Hagan Power Compressor --

I do not like this card. It eats a slot for a limited effect, and it can only be played on three characters total in Marvel Origins. If you've built Doom, you should have a lot better way of dealing with your opponents' frightening characters than a piece of equipment, which according to the rules, gets "shut off", in a sense, whenever the equipped character becomes stunned.

In limited, pass this and hope someone else takes it. It'll usually be the worst card in the pack. For those of you who play Magic, this card is Chimney Imp.

Constructed Rating: 1.5
Limited Rating: 1.0


Power Compressor




Hmmm... the effect is good, not great but ok. What I don't see is how a Dr. Doom deck would have the space for this card especially when the card doesn't affect Brotherhood, the current dominant deck. If the card would also provided a bonus to ATK or DEF or maybe another small effect I could see it being played but as it is I really don't think a Dr Doom deck has the space for a non event card such as this one. Maybe in the future there will be more activated character powers but until then I don't see this baby seeing much play.


Rating 1.5




This card is pretty close to useless in this format. Its no good with out Dr D and it's not that great because most of the good activated abilities are in rares. Maybe if it wasn't Dr D specific but even then.


Rating 1

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