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Cosmic Radiation

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 6.14.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.83
Limited Average Rating: 1.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Cosmic Radiation


Let me start out by saying that I am really hesitant to give a review on this card.  Currently this card is being disputed by many Marvel judges.  As one of them I had to think long and hard before writing this review (since I do not want to mislead players with false information).  This controversy all has to do with the way in which this card is currently being abused in a combo with the plot twist Team Tatics.  The combo is as follows:


Player A declares an attack with a fantastic four character, thereby exhausting that character.

Player B chooses not to chain to the attack because he has nothing he can play.

Player A modifies the attack of now exhausted character with a card such as Savage Beatdown, Flying Kick, etc.

Player B gets upset but can do nothing about it.

Player A chains with Cosmic Radiation and Team Tatics – thus re-exhausting the fantastic four character and targeting it at the same time to give the character a huge attack bonus.

At this point the original attack resolves - Player B takes a huge loss and cries.


So what is the problem here?  Well, Cosmic Radiation states that any fantastic four characters that are readied by its effect can not attack.  So the question is…Does the stipulation of Cosmic Radiation cancel the initial attack?  O.k. so I am no expert by any means…so I hit the internet and looked at everything I could get my hands on.  What I found was very interesting.  I found this on the marvel forum under advanced gameplay : “This would be a perfectly legal combo, as Cosmic Radiation makes so the readied character could not "recieve" the attacker characteristic, but it would not remove an already present attacker characteristic.
This came from one of the Vs. Netreps.” (Big thanks to Pojo and all those who posted)


Upon contemplating this situation I would have to concur.  What this translates to is a card with unlimited potential.  However, I would like to get this in writing from Upperdeck.  So if you Netreps are out there watching…how about dropping a line or a ruling and let’s get some clarification here!!:)



Fantastic Four constructed deck – 4.5/5.0 …..the ability to ready your Fantastic Four characters and use their activated powers again is sweet…and did I mention the combo…


Limited – 2.5/5.0 … limited all you need to pull is a fantastic four character with a decent activated power to make this card worth keeping…

Johnny Blaze Cosmic Radiation - Good card in a FF deck. Ready any number of FF characters in play that you control, then they cannot attack this turn. For a threshold cost of 3 this is good for a variety of combos. One is to cancel an opponents Finishing Move before they can play it. Hopefully you have priority. Would be difficult to pull off in Limited unless you can draft a good amount of FF characters.

Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 1.5

Paul Hagan Cosmic Radiation --

I'm sitting on the fence about this card. On one hand, it is insanely good in a Fantastic Equipment deck, where you can utilize Human Torch (Hotshot), Advanced Hardware, Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), and so on, and when you draw multiples, the game almost always seems to go in your favor. All that said, the *only* deck it seems good in is a Fantastic Equipment deck. I can't give it too high of a rating on grounds of it being so limited, but it's still an amazing card when used correctly.

In limited, just keep passing. There really isn't a good reason to scoop this card, as it is extremely limited in use: you have to pull Fantastic Four characters with decent activated abilities to make it worth anything, and you generally won't find more than two of those in a limited environment.

Constructed Rating: 3.5
Limited Rating: 1.0
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