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Faces of Doom

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 6.13.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.9
Limited Average Rating: 1.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Faces of Doom

Faces is a key component of the Dr. Doom deck.  It allows you to go and find the Dr. Doom you need.  If you control Doomstadt, you can even get the first one, Diabolic Genius.  Faces is a must if you are playing the Dr. Doom deck, and will make each drop run seemlessly and smoothly.  You will be much less dependent on the luck of the draw, and that is always a good thing.
In limited, it lacks the constructed synergy to make this really work.  If you are lucky enough to scoop up multiple Dr. Dooms in draft, and if you can get a few more synergetic cards, then it's playable, but for the most part, it probably isn't going to happen.
Constructed:  4
Limited:  1.5
Jon Matthews

Faces of Doom: This is the Diabolic Tutor of VS. Its insane! There are many many uses for fishing dooms. Its much easier to play and probably only played in doom decks, but what makes it so easy is Doomstat and Kristof Von Doom, who are considered Dr. Doom. Now for the uses: 1. Fishes the Dr. Doom you want for that drop if not in hand, say its 8th turn, no Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom in hand, fish for it and play it. 2. Allows you to fish for a Dr. Doom to power up your Dr. Doom in play. As i said before, this card you probably only want to use in doom deck only, but its a great card for both getting what you need fast and thinning out your deck. FOr limited, the cards not as good, unless you have the bomb Dr. Doom, Lord of Lavatria and you have Dr. Doom casts. FINAL RATING: Constructed- 4 Limited- 2


Faces of Doom




When I first saw this card I had no idea what it was supposed to do. I hadn’t seen a lot of other Doom cards and this card seemed pretty useless at first glimpse. After playing a few games and facing a couple of Dr. Doom decks I started to see how powerful and useful this card is. I think this card can be considered a staple in Doom decks because it doesn’t matter if you’re playing a stall variant or an aggressive one….eeeerr…. a non-Gamma Bomb variant.


This card helps Doom decks be more consistent, it’s a tutor and makes it ok for you to run the random Dr. Doom (8) in your deck. All in all a good card, it only works in Doom decks but it’s one of the better cards that affiliation has to offer.






I’m yet to see this card do anywhere near as well as it does in constructed. It might be because you need Doomstadt and Dr. Doom on top of this card. It’s just not consistent and I don’t recommend picking any of them up in a draft unless you’re the only one drafting Doom.



Paul Hagan
Faces of Doom --
Rounding out this week in really good Doom cards comes a card that belongs (in a set of four) in every Doom deck.  Do you like Dr. Doom?  In all of his versions?  What if you don't draw him?  Don't worry -- it's like you're playing an extra *FOUR EXTRA COPIES*!
Seriously, the drawback on this card isn't really a drawback.  With quite a few cards that are worth playing having the added line "You are considered to control Dr. Doom", you needn't worry about not having one in play.  The card is reasonably costed, too, so you can have your Dr. Doom, Diabolic Genius in play on Turn 4.
In conclusion, for constructed play, a) allows you to search, b) like playing extra copies, c) no real drawback, and d) reasonable threshold cost.  Just too good.
However, in limited play, unless you have a lot of Doom characters, this card really isn't worth playing.  Just pass it on to the next drafter.
Constructed Rating: 4.5
Limited Rating: 1.5

Faces Of Doom

Today we look at a plot twist guaranteed to help all those doom decks
out there. How so? Easy, if you can’t get your Dr. Doom characters to
fall correctly then just use this card to get one out. Since its
threshold cost is 3, you can be sure that your Dr. Doom – Diabolic
Genius will hit the field by turn four.

This card can even help later on in the game to get out your Dr. Doom –
Victor Von Doom. The trick is to have Dr. Doom – Diabolic Genius on
the field first. Next, use the effect of Boris – Personal Servant of
Dr. Doom to get Faces of Doom, and then play it straight from your hand
to get your level 6 Dr. Doom on the field (or in your hand).

If I was running a doom deck, I would have four of these cards in it.
Doomstadt is an easy way to be considered to control Dr. Doom, so I
wouldn’t really worry about this card’s stipulation. By turn 6, this
card could provide you the icing you need for your cake….

Doom constructed deck – 4.5/5.0 ……it allows you to keep your high level
character ratio down

Limited – 1.0/5.0 … really need the Dr. Doom support in order to
use this card
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