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Dr. Doom,
Diabolic Genius

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 6.09.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.44
Limited Average Rating: 3.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Dr. Doom, Diabloic Genius

The first of the Doc Dooms to hit the board for the Doom deck, Genius is a strong 4 drop with mad synergy with its deck.  Again, its quelch on Plot Twists can be signifcant to how the game plays out. Plot Twists have proven to be the difference between a good deck and a great deck, and Genius wants to help you swing the game in your direction.

In limited, playing this card gets much more appealing if you have some synergetic Plot Twists and Locations.  The more, the better and the more you should consider playing this Diabolic Genius.

Constructed: 4

Limited:  3.5

Jon Matthews

Dr. Doom, Diabloic Genius: In my opinion, the second best 4 drop in the game, the best early game drop in doom decks, and my favorite card in the set. With Doomstat in the resource row he bemoes a 9 defense, and thats pretty good for a 4 drop, and at times can handle a 4 drop sabertooth with an acrobatic dodge in the resource row. Oh, did I mention his ability?? In limited, the same, very good and I think should be played no matter what. There are times where you get a bomb plot twist like savage beatdown, and this guy can make it 2 savage beatdowns if played right. FINAL RATING: Constructed- 5 Limited- 5


Dr. Doom, Diabolic Genius


Before I say anything else let me say this… I *heart* Doom (6) but I fear this guy a lot more.




This Dr. Doom has ok stats but his ability to flip Plot Twist face down is AMAZING! Combine that ability with Avalon Space Station and can you say double Mystical paralysis? Don’t think waiting until turn 5 to be able to pull that off is worth it? How about infinite Gamma Bomb? I personally think this is the best Dr. Doom out there, but it’s not because of his stats or his abilities. It’s because of his cost of 4, he drops before any other Doom, helps Doom decks stabilize before Sabertooth goes bonkers and he’s not too shabby.






He’s a 4 drop with neat abilities, range and stats that fall in par with most 4 drops. He’s not great but he’s still useful and since he’s not a rare you might actually get to see him in a draft. Think that about covers him.



Paul Hagan
Dr. Doom, Diabolic Genius --
On the last CotD, I announced that Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom was the best six-drop in the game.  Meet his counterpart, the smaller and somewhat better Doom.  I cannot name him best four-drop in the game (that honor probably belongs to Sabretooth, Feral Rage), but this Doom isn't, he comes in a *very close* second place.  Diabolic Genius comes fully equipped with two obscene abilities: one that allows you to reuse your most abusive plot twists and the other making it harder for your opponent to play his or her plot twists.
In limited, I haven't had a chance to play with Diabolic Genius, but I would assume that if you can scoop a few extra Doom cards, he would be more than worth playing.
Constructed Rating: 4.75
Limited Ration: 3.5


Dr. Doom – Diabolic Genius

We continue doom week with a look at another popular doom card, Dr.
Doom – Diabolic Genius. I am not really impressed with the effect that
keeps you opponent from playing plot twists from your hand…face it –
most people don’t. However, this card has several good points. First
it allows you to turn a face-up plot twist you control face down. This
is a lot more powerful than you may think…in fact if timed just right,
it could really put a hurt on your opponent. Not bad stats either. A
7/6 is pretty standard for many of the 4 drops out there. However, team
this up with Doomstadt and you have a pretty nice character on the

A good doom deck will probably have four of these guys in it. After
all, when one of these guys hits the field you can be sure that your
opponent is going to hit it with everything they got in order to take
it out as soon as possible. You see doom decks revolve, for the most
part, on getting a doom of some sort on the field and then tap dancing
all over your opponent’s carefully laid plans – thereby making them
wish they were anywhere else. And let’s face it, this is the first
doom you can get on the field to make your evil dreams a reality…

Doom constructed deck – 4.5/5.0 …….Ya gotta love this guy

Limited – 4.0/5.0 ……Being able to turn down a plot twist in order to
use it again is just plain sweet

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