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Dr. Doom,
Victor Von Doom

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 6.07.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.1
Limited Average Rating: 3.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom

One of the critical pieces of the Doom decks.  Upper Deck carefully crafted the evolution of Dr. Doom from 4 drop to 6 drop to 8 drop, giving us a very balanced character that finds strength through synergy with it's other characters and related Plot Twists and Locations.  Victor's ability to quelch plot twists from being played from opponent's resource rows is much more diabolical than it at first sounds.  Since the evolution before, Dr. Doom Diabolic Genius, keeps opponents from playing Plot Twists from your opponent's hands, they are already in a bad predicament. Do they hold the Twists, knowing that Victor will soon show up? Or play them down now, in hopes of being able to capitalize on them immediately?  Yikes.  And then there is Victor, hurting any resources that didn't manage to be used in the meanwhile.  Oof.

In limited, it's a 6 drop 13/12 and you scoop him up in draft unless you have something else totally amazing in your pack.

Constructed: 4

Limited: 3.5

Jon Matthews

Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom: I have to say fiirst before rating any Dr. Doom cards that yes, Doom deck is my favorite current deck at this time, and no doom deck can go without 1 of these. His ability is pretty good, allowing a "stall" in the opponent's resource row. Hes very good in both limited and constructed. His attack and defense are pretty good for a 6 cost as well. FINAL RATING: Constructed-4 Limited-3.5


Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom


Ladies and gentlemen come one over and see the living wall that is also know as… Victor Von Doom!

The ruler of destruction is also know as the master of stall, but most know him as that @%&! Bastard with a 15 DEF (See Doomstadt) who Relocates my Locations and I can’t get them back! This character is hands down the most annoying 6 drop in the game because if you can name another 6 drop who’s better than him it better be one that can’t be Paralyzed. This guy offers, a decent ATK value, a high DEF, plot twist disruption and an arsenal of very powerful plot twist. Besides, he’ll ensure you make it to turn 7… *cough* Gamma Bomb *cough* ^_<



If you see him take him! It’s as simple as that. Big characters are pretty hard to come by in this environment and he’s no Magneto 7 but if he drops on turn 6 I can almost guarantee you’ll be making it to turn 7. In this format he offers 2 major things than you won’t see in limited, high stats for a decent cost and Range which you might not think too much off but it’s there incase you need it.

Paul Hagan Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom --

Personally, I think this card is the best six-drop in the game. He has the highest power of any six-drop (tied with Sabretooth, Victor Creed) and he has the second highest defense (just behind Master Mold). Attached to this massive body is a killer ability that can absolutely wreck your opponent's gameplan. The fact that he goes in one of the best decks out there right now only adds to his value.

In limited, this card is a first pick -- most games rely on Turn 6 and Turn 7 plays to end, and Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom fits perfectly into the curve.

Constructed Rating: 4.5
Limited Rating: 4.5

Monday, June 7, 2004 – Dr. Doom – Victor Von Doom

Welcome to doom week! This week we honor the deck that strikes fear in
the hearts of all other decks…after turn 6. Why? Simple, it is
because turn six allows a doom deck to get this card, Dr. Doom – Victor
Von Doom, on the field. If you are like me, you play almost all of
your plot twist from your resource row; so when this card hits the
field you know that you are in trouble.

The problem with this card, and doom decks in general, is the fact that
you have to stall your opponent until you can get this card on the
field…and since you will only be running 2-3 of these cards, to keep
your curve down, that could take awhile. You see doom decks work
extremely well past turn 6, granted your characters are lining up
properly…otherwise they run into problems…like getting run over before
you can take out your opponent. The most common thing I hear from doom
people is, “If I could only have stayed alive one more turn”.

Anyways, I would say this card is a must in a well constructed doom
deck. Look at is this way: Cost to recruit Dr. Doom – Victor Von
Doom: 6…. Screwing your opponent out of their plot twists: priceless.

Doom constructed deck – 4.5/5.0 …..a great card if you can get it out
on turn 6

All else – 1.0/5.0 …….you really need to put this card in a doom
constructed deck to make it work for you


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