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Super Skrull,

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 6.04.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.125
Limited Average Rating: 3.125

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Super Skrull, Engineered Super-Soldier

Yikes! I had this guy played against me, and ugh! 10/10 isn't that great for a 6 drop, but his pump ability is devastating, and a 16/16 IS great for a 6 drop. He can take out a lot of creatures, and he can also be your game finisher. Just pump away. You'll have to watch your card count some, but since we're drawing 2 a turn, we can probably manage that just fine.

In limited he's amazing. Anything that can pump heavily like this guy is. First pick him in draft, and give him a slot in sealed. Nice!

Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4

Super Skrull, Engineered Super-Soldier




hmmm… this guy again. I had a debate with a fellow playtester recently about this card and whether it’s decent or not. His stats are rather low for a 6 drop and are not much bigger than your average 5 drop but he can get bigger. I don’t think this guy will see any play in any deck other than a Skrull deck and I have to base his rating on how viable a Skrull deck is.


I would love to give my full opinion on why Skrull decks are a lot better than most people think but that’s an article waiting to happen. What I will say is that Skrull decks can take down a lot of the dominant decks in the current environment and I will advice everyone and anyone who has never built a Skrull deck to try one out before you make up your mind about how unplayable Skrulls are with out even trying them. And for those of you that have tried Skrull decks before I will only say… 4 Super Skrulls, 4 Ant-Man and every other character’s a Skrull Soldier.






He’s big and can get bigger… if you can actually get him in play. I’ve learned to take anything big that comes my way because whether I use it or not I’ll ensure that my opponent won’t use it against me in a format that’s ruled by a lot of small armies taking this guy might not be such a bad idea.



Paul Hagan Super Skrull, Engineered Super Soldier --

Of the six-drops in the set, this card is definitely one of the Top 5. The ability to become a 13/13 is easily activated, and no one complains about their opponent losing 3 endurance. The fact that you can ready front-row Skrull characters is only mediocre, but it will more than likely improve as more Marvel sets come out. I hope this character sees more play; he definitely deserves it.

In limited, this is a 1st pick -- easy. There has to be an amazing card in the pack to skip over the Super-Skrull, and that won't happen often.

Constucted: 3.5 -- only because of a bad affiliation
Limited: 4.5
Jon Matthews

Super Skrull, Engineered Super-Soldier: Guy has decent abilities that require discarding a car, worth the ability. Only problem i have is the fact that this card really only belongs in a Skrull deck. Hes very good in limited for sure, but I do not see him in any constructive play: FINAL RATING: Constructed- 2.5 Limited- 3.5

Super Skrull – Engineered Super-Solider

It slices, it dices, its Super Skrull – Engineered Super-Solider!
Actually the versatility of this card is about the only good thing
going for it. You can do some pretty cool things with this card, but
usually at a cost. Let’s look at each effect:

1.) When this card is attacked or attacks, you can discard a card
from your hand to give this guy a +3/+3 for the turn. Need a bigger
boost? Just keep discarding to pump up your super-soldier (from what I
have seen this effect is cumulative). Now the bad side….discarding a
card from your hand is NEVER a good thing to do. No matter what card
game you are playing, having hand advantage is always part of a game
winning strategy.
2.) The second effect allows you to ready all front row army
skrulls you control when Super Skrull is attacked or attacks. Nice
effect if you have multiple skrulls that you need to ready in a hurry.
Bad side? Oh yeah, this effect has a bad side. First, if you have a
bunch of front row army skrulls and you do not have initiative you have
a problem…a big problem. You are probably going to end up with a bunch
of stunned characters that this guy can’t ready. Another thing you
need to keep in mind is that the Skrull Solider – Army characters only
get their effect if you have some of them in the support row. I guess
you could put one skrull army character out front, put a bunch in the
back along with this guy, and then activate the front row army
character twice when you initiate your attack with your Super Skrull.
3.) The third effect states that each of your opponents loses 3
endurance when yor Super Skrull attacks or is attacked. Sweet! I
can’t think of anything bad about that.

This guy also has flight and range…the best of both worlds. If this
guy worked better with the Skrull Soldier – Army characters then this
guy would be an absolute nightmare…

Constructed – 2.5/5.0 …this card needs a lot of help in order to use
the effects effectively…you would be better off with a character such
as Rogue – Powerhouse

All else – 1.5/5.0 …this card is way too hard to pull off in a limited
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