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Burn Rubber

Marvel Origins

Date Reviewed: 6.02.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.16
Limited Average Rating: 3.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


* game store owner in CA, ShuffleAndCut
Burn Rubber

An excellent addition to many mainstream decks. Burn Rubber is a defensive card that can turn a game on it's end if played correctly. Your opponent goes all out in hopes of finishing you off, pumping the heck out of his guy, then... surprise! Burn Rubber, and no break through happens, and we go to the next turn (hopefully). It's an excellent card with an excellent threshold cost. (though, let's be serious... most of the plot twists have reasonable costs, and you wouldn't be playing many plot twists turn 1 or 2 anyhow.)

In limited it's a solid pick and should make the cut in any draft or sealed deck.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4

Burn Rubber

Here’s the reason why so many decks are starting to use Not so Fats. This card is simply one of the most annoying cards in the game, especially when it’s combined with Boris and all the Doom stall decks that are starting to take over the environment.

If you’re playing an aggressive deck you’ll learn to hate and despite this card. I’ve always been a big fan of stall and control decks which might be why I have 32 copies of this card and they are all in decks. Yup, I’m that annoying guy who always makes the matches go to time, I’m sorry but Doom decks need time not only to win but also to frustrate your opponent. ^_<


There is nothing wrong with taking just about every copy of this card that comes your way because if you’ve drafted before you know there’s not a lot of reinforcing going on. When it comes to limited this is definitely not an aggressive card in a very aggressive environment but it’ll keep you alive… trust me.


Burn Rubber

This card has casual written all over it. Seriously, there are better
cards out there for your deck…especially if you are running a team
affiliated deck.

What this card does provide, however, is an opportunity to have some
fun at your opponent’s expense. Before I got my act together I had
this card in a casual deck. This card helped out in some pretty cheesy
first turn hit-and-run tactics. How cheesy?…Let’s put it this way…. I
would put out a low cost character, hit my opponent low, and wait.
Then, when they tried to attack my character with something (without
range), I would simply use this card to move my character to my support

This card does have some other positive attributes. Since it has a low
threshold cost, this card can be used in a variety of casual decks.
Also, this card provides reinforcement (which in my opinion makes it
better than Fall Back). That way even if you can’t avoid getting hit
because your opponent’s character has range, at least you won’t take
the breakthrough endurance loss.

Later on down the road this card may see some more play action. But
right now there is not enough support for stall decks. You can put
Burn Rubber in your tournament deck if you want to …but if you get run
over in a tournament, don’t say I didn’t warn you….

Constructed – 2.5/5.0 ….a mediocre rating for a mediocre card…

Limited – 4.0/5.0 … will need the stall power and protection this
card provides in a limited format…
Without Victory, there is no survival...


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