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The World's
Greatest Detective

DC Origins

Date Reviewed: 7.23.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.1
Limited Average Rating: 2.9

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Batman, The World's Greatest Detective




How well this guy does will depend on the amount of New Brotherhood decks and Rigged Election decks. He's one of those cards that make you want to think about using a certain deck twice but as a stand alone he's pretty ok. I would run him just incase but the current viable Knights deck doesn't need him so I don't know.






I think his draw back could be the reason not to run him. He's fine if you get a decent amount of Knights but if you don't then don't even think about it. Besides I don't see his ability doing much here anyway.





Batman – The World’s Greatest Detective


Now this is one card I could definitely get use to.


Today we look at the 3rd Batman character.  I will refer to him as lil Bats.  Considering that this guy is a 5/4 for a recruit cost of 3 means that there isn’t much outside a Wolverine that can touch him in a head to head battle on turn 3.  This guy could definitely put a damper on your opponent’s parade.


Showing your opponent another gotham knights character isn’t as bad as it seems.  When it comes to Wolverine, I either show my opponent a card that I have more than one of in my hand or I show them my 7 drop Professor X, just so I can mess with their head.  You can do the same thing in this situation.


I love this guy’s effect.  Being able to KO an on-going plot twist is really great.  However, be careful when using this effect.  Your opponent gets to put the top card of their deck into their resource row.  This could be a good thing (character or equipment) or it could be a really, really bad thing (plot twist or location).   Personally, I tend to have bad to mediocre luck so I may not try his effect too often.  Another quick note concerning his effect – He has to be ready at the beginning of the recovery phase to use his effect.  This definitely sounds easier than it is – especially if your opponent is trying to protect their plot twist.  The bottom line:  While his effect is good you probably will not use it during the duration of the game.



Gotham Knights constructed deck – 4.0/5.0 ……If you can pull off his effect often and are successful at it then you will probably give this guy a higher rating.


Limited – 3.0/5.0 …..You will definitely need to pull quite a few gotham knights to make him worthwhile.


Johnny Blaze Batman DOR – 006 The Worlds Greatest Detective – This is the Batman most likely from Detective Comics and the campy 70’s TV show. For a 3 drop, this Batman has an above avg. ATK of 5 and an avg. DEF at 4. Some don’t understand what the difference is between this Batman’s recruit power vs. Loyalty. Simply stated characters with Loyalty can only be recruited when you control another character with the same team affility. Since this Batman does not have Loyalty you don’t have to control another Gotham Knights character, just have one in your hand to reveal to your opponent when you recruit the Great Detective.

Constructed – 3/5 You are most likely going to attack with this Batman rather than use his Activated ability. At 5 damage I would much rather cause stun or BEL to my opponent than use the Activated ability that can only be used during the recovery phase. I’d much rather use Foiled for 1 threshold to basically have the same effect.

Limited – 3/5 As long as you are drafting Gotham Knights then definitely draft this Batman. Without the use of Foiled in DC, then his activated ability can be very useful, not to mention his stats as a 3 drop.
We finish off Bat-Week with Batman, World's Greatest Detective. 5/4 is pretty darn good for a 3 drop, but his effect is a doozy. Destroying your opponent's ongoing plot twists can totally disrupt their strategy, and not having to use Ka-Boom! means you don't ruin your own curve when doing so. If they don't have any ongoing plot twists on the field, Batman is still a great attacker.

In Limited, you don't see as many ongoing plot twists, but 5/4 is sturdy enough to get some damage in, just make sure you run a few more Gotham Knights to be able to recruit Bats.

Constructed - 4/5
Limited - 4/5

I'll be getting next week's to you early, since I'll be in Anaheim for Yugioh worlds this weekend.

Paul Hagan Batman, The World's Greatest Detective

Of the Batmen, the World's Greatest Detective is probably the weakest. Don't get me wrong; TWGD isn't awful. However, he has a 4 DEF, which is less than stellar for a 3-Drop, and he requires you to have a Gotham Knights character in hand to play, which seems like a someone steep drawback for a smaller character. Next, his ability is mediocre at best. Sure, you can gun down The New Brotherhood or any of the team-up cards, but you have to sit him out of fighting for the round to gain that effect, as it only triggers during the recovery phase. Finally, no flight or range, which is always a drawback. Why? Because you have to have Batman on the front row attacking unprotected characters (without Plot Twists, obviously), meaning you are allowing your opponent to control who you beat on.

In limited, I would play Batman just based on size, especially in the somewhat smaller DC Origins set. This said, I wouldn't draft him early, either.

Constructed Rating: 2.5

Limited Rating: 3.0
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