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The Dark Knight 

DC Origins

Date Reviewed: 7.22.04

Constructed Average Rating: 2.8
Limited Average Rating: 1.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Batman, the Dark Knight






This character is the best Batman printed so far and even though he doesnt like to see Overload the ability to draw your entire deck when you drop him in turn seven is well worth it. Expect to see this monster in some competitive events, I know he will be around and how well he does will come down to how much people metagame.






I dont think hes worth it here. I would still play him just because hes a 7/7 but I wouldnt expect him to be much bigger than that if he even hits play. His ability is simply not that great in this environment.




Batman – The Dark Knight


It must be Batman week. 


Today we look at a card that is making me think twice about my plans to create the ultimate Gotham Knights deck.  As soon as I got my hands on this card and read it I knew that I had found the weakest link. 


Me:  What?....a 7/7 for a cost of 7?  You have to be serious.

Card: ---

Me:  You don’t even have flight or range!

Card: --

Me:  And you require another gotham knights character to be on the field when I recruit you!

Card: --

Me:  You get +X attack and defense for every card in my hand, but how many cards do you honestly expect me to keep in my hand during a game?

(Card leaves dejected)

Me (calling after the card):  Wait! Wait! Don’t leave!  At least being able to exhaust a gotham knights character to draw a card is a somewhat decent secondary effect.


Actually, that is not exactly what happened (I try not to talk my cards if I can help it). 


This card is pretty bad.  There are other level 7 characters out there that are much better.  In fact, don’t be surprised if you do not see this guy make the cut in a typical Gotham Knights deck.  If you can make this guy work for you in your Gotham Knights deck then more power to you.:)



Gotham Knight constructed deck – 2.0/5.0 …..This guy is really bad for a 7 drop.


Limited – 1.5/5.0 …Unless you pick up a lot of Gotham Knight characters this guy is pretty much useless in your deck.  And even if you do, he is still a bad card to play.


Johnny Blaze Batman DOR – 005 The Dark Knight

One of my favorite interpretations of Batman is from The Dark Knight comic book series. Also the upcoming new Batman movie will have many Dark Knight elements in it. DC has introduced 3 new mechanics into the VS. system. One of them being Loyalty which the Dark Knight has. Simply put, Loyalty characters can only be recruited if you already control a character with that same Team affiliation. In this instance, you must already control a Gotham Knights character in order to recruit The Dark Knight. With that understood how does this version of Batman rate?

Constructed – 2/5 The Dark Knight has the lowest ATK + DEF value of any 7 drop in the game right now. His power does make a lot of people drool but when you really think about it and after playing him from the Starter it doesn’t really Boost him up to the other 7 drop levels. At average, your 7 drop should at least have an ATK of 14. That’s 7 cards you need in your hand to do that. You could always Exhaust a Gotham Knights character to draw a card and I guess if you have multiple Gotham Knights characters to exhaust you could be drawing a large potential of cards. However you are going to want to use the majority of plot twists cards that are in your hand to assist with attacking. I’m not totally convinced on this card just yet.

Limited – 2/5 Again there are going to be better 7 drops that you want to draft in limited. Along with the Loyality mechanic, unless you are specifically drafting Gotham Knights, this card will be difficult to play in limited.

I really want to like Batman, Dark Knight. With the right strategy, he can be a massive character on turn 7, but he can just as easily be dead weight. The problem is with his base stats...7/7 means that you'd need to have at least 6 cards in your hand to make him playable, and 10 or more to really take advantage of his effect.

That's where we come to the second part of his effect, the ability to exhaust a Gotham Knights character in order to draw a card. Again, an ability that looks good on the surface, but still has its flaws. First of all, how many characters are you going to have on the field by turn 7? In a GCPD army deck, you should have a lot, and this is one build in which Batman's ability is just awesome. However, most of the time, you'll have 3 or 4 characters, tops. That means a
+4/+4 boost, and no more attackers that turn. You
also have to conserve your hand the entire game, to make sure Batman is powered up enough by the time you're ready to recruit him.

In limited, stay away from him. Even if you recruit enough Gotham Knights to be able to satisfy the Loyalty requirement, its doubtful you'll keep enough cards in your hand to be able to pump him up enough.

Constructed - 3/5
Limited - 1/5
Paul Hagan

Batman, The Dark Knight

When everyone first saw the Dark Knight (at least in my area), they said, "Oh, what a lame 7-Drop.  He's so small!"  I tried to tell them it wasn't so, and even now, there are some naysayers.  But the Dark Knight is *really* good, folks!  Consider this: what if you could draw a card every time one of your characters got stunned.  Would that be good?  Or perhaps you could exhaust a character that is too small to do anything worthwhile to draw a card.  Would *that* be good?  I really don't think anyone seriously thinks these situations would be bad things, right?  Attach a character that grows for each card in hand, and I think the Dark Knight can't possibly be bad.

All of this said, you are having to spend seven resource points on this version of Batman, making him somewhat weak on Turn 7.  However, in a Gotham Knights deck, what other 7-Drops are you running?

In limited play, I suppose I would play Batman, especially if I could scoop up a few Gotham Knights characters along the way.  He isn't stellar by any means, though.

Constructed Rating: 3.0
Limited Rating: 2.5

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