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Caped Crusader

DC Origins

Date Reviewed: 7.20.04

Constructed Average Rating: 3.6
Limited Average Rating: 3.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Batman, Caped Crusader




hmmm, I had heard great things about this guy right after the initial release of DC but I'm simply not impressed. His stats are ok for a five drop but his ability is rather lacking. Four drops are usually pretty good stat ways and what normally makes the big difference between your four and five drops is the ability the five drop has to offer. When it comes to five drops for the Knights I take Lady Shiva over this guy any day of the week, her stats match his and her ability is a lot better.






A five drop is a five drop in this environment and that's the only thing this guy has going for him. I could think of a lot of other five drops I would rather have over this guy but let,s not even go there, *cough* Garth *cough*





Batman – Caped Crusader


This card constitutes one of the many reasons why my next deck will probably be a Gotham Knights deck.  Why do I like this card so much?  It isn’t the attack/defense stats of this card (they are average for a 5 drop).  It is the kick butt effect.  Trust me, if I can get this guy to drop on turn five my opponent will probably squirm.  Being able to do a lot of damage (10+) in a single attack is very crucial in this game.  If you can get you opponent low enough, quick enough then there is really not a chance that they can recover.  What easier way is there to do this than by insuring that your opponent will take at least twice the recruit cost of the card you stun?  Sure, they can reinforce their character, but most of the damage has already been done….hahaha (evil laugh).


The only thing keeping this guy from running all over your opponent is the fact that he has no range and no flight.  I guess we can’t have Batman suddenly able to fly, can we?  Oh well, there are plenty of characters out there that have shown us how to work around not having range or flight. 



Gotham Knights constructed deck – 4.5/5.0 ….yes he is that awesome


Limited – 4.5/5.0 ….he is still that awesome


Today we kick off our three part look at one of my favorite DC characters, Batman. Today is Batman, Caped Crusader. I have one word to say about his effect: Ouch! (or possibly Bam! Socko! or Oof!) Stun loss usually takes a backseat to breakthrough when planning your attacks, but double that stun loss, and you have a whole new weapon in your arsenal. If Batman stuns your opponent's 5 drop, he does an extra 5 damage...that's like a free Savage Beatdown! His ability triggers in a team attack as well, and the extra stun damage more than makes up for not doing any breakthrough.

9/9 for a 5 drop is nice and beefy, and not having Loyalty makes him an excellent choice in Limited. The 5 drop has some of my favorite characters in the game, and Batman is now a serious contender for a 5 drop in any deck, although for added fun, run him in a Gotham Knights/Teen Titans deck, and use Teen Titans Go! to ready him for another attack. He won't do any breakthrough, but you won't mind when he's doing another 10 damage to your opponent.

Constructed - 4.5/5
Limited - 5/5
Johnny Blaze Batman DOR – 004 Caped Crusader – With the new set of DC out for about a week or so we are going to look at one of the most popular hero’s in DC: The Batman. Including Marvel, half of all 5 drop characters in this game have an ATK of 9. This places the Caped Crusader in the middle of them all. What may give him the edge though is in his power. Along with the Gotham Knights team affiliation, which is one of the best in DC, Batman’s power can cause extra damage just by stunning.

Say Batman has stunned another 5 drop character. In addition to the 5 stun Endurance loss, your opponent will also take another 5 due to Bat’s ability. And if you had caused BEL of say another 5 that would be a whopping 15 endurance loss your opponent takes just for that attack.

Constructed – 4/5 Because of his overall popularity expect to see Batman played quite often. And also because of his high damage capability expect to see Batman played quite often.

Limited – 4/5 Any character that can cause double stun endurance loss for his Triggered Power is a most definite pull. You don’t even have to rely on his Team Affiliation.
Paul Hagan Batman, Caped Crusader --

As far as 5-Drops go, Batman, Caped Crusader is pretty solid. He has a decent ATK and DEF, on par with most other characters in his cost range, and his ability is great! Don't you have whenever you can't push any extra damage in? Don't worry, Batman has a way to get a few extra points in no matter what! I would think that, over the course of an average game, the Caped Crusader probably deals between 12 - 18 points of extra endurance due to his ability -- not bad at all.

In limited, as Batman is a 5-Drop, he automatically goes up a few points. With a cool ability and a decent body, he moves up a few more. I would probably scoop Batman fairly early in any draft, and unless I have a massive amount of quality Big Men in my sealed pack, Batman will make the cut.

Overall, I only see one major weak point to Batman -- no flight or range. Yes, I'm aware that Batman doesn't fly or gun people down, but the fact that he lacks either of these makes him a bit less than he could be.

Constructed Rating: 3.5

Limited Rating: 3.5
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