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Pojo's Marvel VS Card of the Day

– The Pursuer

Superman: MoS

Date Reviewed: 12.17.04

Constructed Average Rating: 4.0
Limited Average Rating: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Devilance – The Pursuer

Today we are going to finish up the week by looking at my favorite DE character – Devilance – The Pursuer.

Devilance starts out as a par-for-the-course 5-drop with 9/8 stats and range. However, this character shines with his effect. Whenever Devilance stuns a character, that character’s controller loses endurance equal to the number of face down resources he/she controls. Now I know that doesn’t necessarily sound like much, but remember the key word here is ‘whenever’. That could add up to a lot of damage over the long run. That’s not all, now we can force our opponent to play their resources as soon as possible. No more running into your opponent’s location traps. Regardless, you will usually find that your opponent’s timing is usually somewhat off or they have at least one character in their resource row…hence you could probably get at least a few extra BEL each turn. I would definitely run 4 of these in a DE deck!


DE constructed deck – 4.0/5.0 ….This card is very solid and can definitely provide you an advantage

Limited – 4.5/5.0 …No loyalty and no effect costs, plus bonus BEL…what more could you ask for in this format

Johnny Blaze
Devilance - The Prusuer – Average stats 9/8 with Range. His power is nice and his Boost can keep him battling with other 7 drops on turn 7. If your opponent hasn’t used any of his resources by Turn 5 this is a good time for them to do so or else they will be losing an additional 5 endurance due to Devilance’s power.

Constructed: 3.5/5 – His nice effect is what is keeping him above average. More than likely your opponent will be losing additional endurance due to Devilance’s power.

Limited: 4/5 – When resources many times will be characters that wont be flipped up in this format, Devilance will be causing extra endurance loss to your opponent. If you get unlucky and manage not to draft a 7 drop, Devilance will also be very playable with his Boost on Turn 7.
Paul Hagan Devilance, the Pursuer --

Much like a number of Darkseid's Elite characters, I don't have a lot to say about this character. His size is more than acceptable for his cost, and his ability is OK. You should get around two or three extra points of endurance from it each time he stuns another character, which can add up over the course of the game. However, when you think about this character in comparison to Batman, Caped Crusader, you tend to look at Devilance as slightly sub-par. His boost ability does make up for it a bit, but if all goes well for a Darkseid's Elite deck, they should be putting out Superman, False Son on Turn 7.

In limited, I have a slightly better opinion of Devilance, since he is in that 5-8 range of recruit costs, which seem to be extremely important. Also, in limited, you will tend to have a few more face-down resources, meaning you get a little bit of extra milage out of Devilance's ability.

Constructed Rating: 3.0
Limited Rating: 3.5
Devilance, The Pursuer

Devilance is going to be a Darkseid's Elite staple, and for good reason. 9/8 for 5 is a good character regardless, and the extra damage he causes will force your opponent to rethink their strategy on what resources they play. This card works great with all the replacement effects in the set, replace a useful plot twist with a character that they'll never be able to turn face up, and guarantee yourself the extra damage whenever Devilance stuns a character. Being able to come out as a decent 5 drop, or boost to a decent 7 drop means that you've got more options when making character selection for a Darkseid's Elite deck.

In Limited, there's more of a chance that your opponent will have to use a character as a resource, which just helps you do more and more damage to them.

Boostable characters are worth their weight in gold in Limited events, since it greatly decreases your chances of missing a drop. Range and a nice body at either turn 5 or 7 make him a great pick, even just to splash in another affiliation's deck. He's a common, so grab all the copies you can find.


Constructed - 4.5/5
Limited - 4.5/5
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